Bad Blood

Bad Blood

  • Director: Leos Carax
  • Countries of origin: Switzerland, France
  • Language: French
  • Release date: November 26, 1986
  • Runtime: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Sound mix: Mono
  • Aspect ratio: 1.66 : 1
  • Also known as: Mauvais Sang
  • "Mauvais sang" is a crime film directed by Leos Carax , starring Denis Lavant and others. It was released in 1986.
    The film tells the story of Alex and a beautiful woman, Anna, embarking on a life-and-death journey.


    • Release date November 26, 1986
    • Filming locations Rue Emile Richard, Paris 14, Paris, France
    • Production companies Les Films Plain Chant, Soprofilms, FR3 Films Production

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    Movie reviews

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    • By Hattie 2022-10-01 20:08:22

      What excites me is that I can't predict the direction of the film.

      This movie has nothing to do with medical scurvy. It's hard for you to tell what its theme is? Because it contains too many elements, there are gangsters, there is young love, there is adventure, there is cynicism, there is poetic irony, there is inexplicable weather and abstract Americans. What excites me is that I can't predict the direction of the film. Movies are so stylized these days that usually I can deduce the whole story and even the ending from the first half hour of the movie....

    • By Favian 2022-09-30 09:37:10

      Oh my love my love this is the song of my life.

      Everyone makes me cry even that American woman is cuter than an American action movie.

      I can't stop thinking that it's not about love at all, it's a hero's story, it's not about tragic or not, and even this virus is full of heroism: he's here, that's ok.

      I don't want to stupidly retell the scene but I always feel like there's some factor in my blood that finds the memory and they go back to this familiar night.

      Both women love him, but he doesn't love either, his...

    • By Darius 2022-09-24 10:45:19

      "I love her and I'm going to kill her"

      Anyone who has seen it should remember this scene: Alex rotates the knob unconsciously, 1\2\3, the pointer stops silently, and the radio hums like an old woman: Don't forget, what should be done, I can't bear the look in her eyes anymore, I doubt that I may endure what I endure, let's talk about the mystery, can someone in love say love? Warm sun in winter, cool water in summer, I love her , I'm going to kill her.

      He was walking at the door with a cigarette in his hand, and Anna...

    • By Dedric 2022-09-24 00:08:58

      It's fascinated to love it - you'll love a lot of it (spoilers)

      If two people who don't really love each other have sex, they will contract the virus. If this is true, would you be afraid? This is the basic setting of a shocking and philosophical plot in the 1986 movie "Bad Blood". The introduction to this movie is generally written as a sci-fi thriller and suspense, but after watching the movie, you You will find that this is more of a love story that falls into despair. Let us love despair so much. The protagonist of the story is...

    • By Ebony 2022-09-18 01:04:24

      some notes

      Director's Notes


      1. Like to play classical music in romantic scenes, mostly violin, and then suddenly return to reality before playing the noise (similar to fantasy returning to reality)

      "New Bridge Lovers" meet again on the bridge

      "Bad Blood" met the heroine on the bus for the first time

      2. Strong stage style

      "New Bridge" is dancing

      Bad Blood 16:37

      4. The voice of talking on the phone (without radio processing, just read in white)...

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    • By Hellen 2022-09-11 00:21:57

      The subtitles are bad and not smooth, but even if they are smooth, I probably don't like it. There are some shots that are beautiful and the style comes out, but the movie is not that interesting. Binoche, great...

    • By Rocio 2022-08-20 19:14:15

      What a stunner! Binoche is as white as...

    • By Jamil 2022-07-06 20:56:39

      Like Karax's New Wave predecessors, the action of the sci-fi setting and ending in Bad Blood is merely a parody of melodrama, its real focus is the lover's babble that occupies most of the film, and the "motivated" pure action. Patriarchy in the imaginary sense: Mark represents his father (Godard, Truffaut) and other Parisian New Wave predecessors from the 1960s, why the New Wave and the avant-garde must fail, and why experimental cinema has become a tradition in France. An artificial "studio...

    • By Effie 2022-07-06 19:46:18

      Even with the pretentious feeling of young people, it is undeniable that Karax may be the most explosive, exaggerated, and most desperate filmmaker in this era. His film spokesperson is as great as all the golden partners in film history, Modern...

    • By Keanu 2022-07-06 18:25:34

      Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, Chaplin... The soundtrack comes at your fingertips, but it also blends in smoothly. Also, as a superficial member of the Film Watching Foreign Trade Association, I have always disliked Leo Kaho's works where the appearance of the male and female protagonists is too...

    Movie plot

     thief mark andOwe an American woman a sum of money and she gave them two weeks to pay back. They were going to steal an AIDS-like drug and resell it at a high price. So they hired Alex, a young man who was breaking up with his 16-year-old girlfriend Lisa. But before the plan comes to fruition, he has a crush on Mark's mistress, Anna. Lisa didn't give up, and made things even more complicated by coming to Paris the day they started.
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    Movie quotes

    • Alex: You need to feed the eyes for your dreams.

    • Alex: I was a frighteningly silent child, apparently. I kept silent... but that's not right. Silence keeps us.

    • Anna: Silent men make people feel uneasy. You always think they're geniuses... or idiots.