Cargo 200

Cargo 200

  • Director: Aleksey Balabanov
  • Countries of origin: Russia
  • Language: Russian
  • Release date: June 14, 2007
  • Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Freight 200
  • "Cargo 200" is a thriller drama film directed by Alexei Barabanov and starring Agonia Kuznesova, Aleksei Poluyan and others.
    The film tells the story of a super-degenerate moment in the last years of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The daughter of a high-level party organization went to buy a drink and was imprisoned by police officers.
    The film was released in 2007.


    • Release date June 14, 2007
    • Filming locations Nevskiy Civic Center, St. Petersburg, Russia
    • Production companies CTB Film Company

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    • By Cara 2022-09-25 06:21:03

      Coffin 200: Anomie of a powerful society is terrifying

      If you only watched the beginning, you would never have imagined that the ending of the movie would be so cruel. Although the atmosphere is a bit weird, the story is told in a straight line, everything is so ordinary, the ordinary life in a powerful society, it seems that everyone is running on the established track, nothing new. The brothers meet, the younger brother is going to see the mother who lives alone, the young lover is waiting for tomorrow's trip, the young people's party is...

    • By Preston 2022-07-12 19:23:37

      Coffin 200: The 1984 Pervert in the Soviet Union

      "Coffin 200": The 1984 version of the pervert in Soviet
      /April Story

      The atmosphere of 1984 displayed in this film restores the history of that year. Dilapidated buildings, twisted people, and shaken beliefs make up the film's eccentric plot. Here's a spoiler... A silly boy meets a girl in a disco, the girl is a friend of the silly boy's girlfriend, and the silly boy takes her out for a drink. After the silly boy got drunk, the girl was kidnapped by a perverted police captain....

    • By Halle 2022-07-12 16:07:30

      Accelerate the era, you will understand better

      Shocked, but not shocked.

      The shock is because I have never seen a film like this, which shows the festering in Tiemu Jiquan's bones - the festering caused by evil and cruelty - so vividly and accurately. It is said that the material comes from a real case in the former Soviet Union, but I don't know Russian, so I can't verify it.

      Not shocked because I understand. Combined with reality, you will probably understand....

    • By Lesly 2022-07-12 15:09:18

      Cargo 200 movie script

      Cargo 200 movie script

      Text / [Russia] Alexei Balabanov

      Translated by Luo Jiao

      "Artem, tell your mother that I'll see her in two weeks," a man in his 50s said apologetically. He was wearing a military shirt with the colonel's epaulets. "It's really..."

      "Okay," the other man said, taking a sip from his glass. He looks about 45 years old. The two sat drinking beer at the table by...

    • By Kathryne 2022-07-12 15:08:24

      Featured Drugs

      Some literary or ideological films that reflect the end of the Soviet Union will always come out and sigh that the building will collapse, or that the world is going to be absurd and clamorous. The black and deep cannabis selected drugs, which are made with a little curiosity, are just to reflect that a building is about to collapse, or it seems that only this kind of perverted chainsaw massacre can become black and absurd, or it seems that only the building is about to...

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    • By Kaia 2022-09-26 22:22:31

      Sharp enough! Fierce...

    • By Teagan 2022-09-05 05:32:02

      I still don't like this kind of shooting technique that is so secretive but not...

    • By Jess 2022-07-12 21:46:43

      Let you mention someone to me! Let you mention someone to...

    • By Lesley 2022-07-12 20:51:59

      24-3-2008 8:00pm ua...

    • By Dorian 2022-07-12 18:39:35

      Buildings will fall into chaos / 3 and a half...

    Movie plot

    In the last years of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, at a time when totalitarianism had reached its peak of degeneration, the daughter of a high-level party organization went to get drunk and was imprisoned by police officers and abused in various ways. In the latter part of the film, the police officer staged an apocalyptic catastrophe in the bedroom. The police officer's mother was drunk and the neighbor was indifferent. The...
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