Comrades, Almost a Love Story

Comrades, Almost a Love Story

  • Director: Peter Ho-Sun Chan
  • Countries of origin: Hong Kong
  • Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, English
  • Release date: November 2, 1996
  • Sound mix: Mono
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Comrades: Almost a Love Story
  • "Almost a Love Story" is produced by UFO filmmaker Co., Ltd. Golden Harvest film produced romance by Peter Chan directed, Maggie Cheung, , Leon Lai Ming , Eric Tsang , Kristy Yang starring   .
    The film draws on the background of the era before Hong Kong's return to Hong Kong and the year after Teresa Teng's death. It tells the story of Li Xiaojun and Li Qiao, who came to Hong Kong from the Chinese mainland to discuss life in the early days of reform and opening up. Two lonely foreigners came to life in true love   .
    The film was released in Hong Kong, China on November 2, 1996. The restored version of the film was selected for the 70th Venice International Film Festival classic section   in 2013, and the restored version was released in Mainland China on February 13, 2015   .


    • Release date November 2, 1996
    • Filming locations Hong Kong
    • Production companies Golden Harvest Company, Golden Movies International, UFO

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    • By Monroe 2022-12-31 12:53:30

      Sweet you smile sweetly

      Friends often ask me, where are you from? I always don't know how to answer. If I'm from Kunming, I was born and raised in that city for 17 years. However, for the next eight years, I have been working in Xi'an, or traveling around on business. Kunming has given me a very weak impression, so that I can't find where the newly built community is when I go home. The Kunming that I know has become memories, those places, those times, those lovely people, those lovely things that happened in the...

    • By Rocio 2022-12-30 01:28:06

      Where. where have I seen you.

      A movie, the only one, every scene, every line of dialogue, touches people's hearts. Trying to figure out the people in the play, my experience and my reality are far from each other, but there are always some common corners. Emotional heartbeat is not inexplicable, just unwilling to investigate the reason.

         A piece of theme music, which often sounds when my emotional defense line is the most vulnerable, pushes me to the abyss in my heart. At the moment of falling, I stand on the...

    • By Damaris 2022-12-27 22:53:49

      Love is short, forgetting is long

      Sweet honey, you smile sweetly, like flowers blooming in the spring breeze... I believe that many post-70s and 80s are all too familiar with this eternal melody of the golden classic, whenever this piece is too familiar When the music plays in my ears, a picture emerges in front of my eyes: two young men and women are sitting on a bicycle. At that moment when the picture is still, the most beautiful, romantic and tender picture in the world is nothing but this. The man is pedaling...

    • By Trace 2022-12-27 20:17:57

      Love is a lie, don't believe it.


      Recently, I have been watching various reality shows to live my life. I was moved by Maggie Cheung's crying scene on Weibo and wanted to watch "Sweet Honey", which I hadn't finished watching half of it before, but I didn't watch it at that time, and now I watch it again and even cry Flow all over.

      Perhaps because of the increase in personal experience, I suddenly began to understand love. Before I met him, I always...

    • By America 2022-12-26 19:55:51

      sweet regret

      A large part of the meaning of the existence of the movie is that it can make people feel a completely different life, and after watching some movies, it seems that you can look back at your own life. "Sweet Honey" is one of them.

      For ordinary people, watching "In the Mood for Love" is actually very difficult to understand Maggie Cheung's acting skills, because it is reasonable for a woman with such a face to interpret elegance. But in "Sweet Honey", Maggie Cheung plays a mainlander...

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    • By Flavio 2023-09-20 20:39:42

      [Sweet Honey] Warm replay, relive the missed love. There is no most torturous wait, nor the most amazing reunion, but fate will always reward a pair of persistent lovers. As one of Chen Kexin's best films, the reason why it touched the vast number of fans is not only from the memories and imprints of the times it carries, but also because of the meticulousness and purity of its emotional expression. The perfect coexistence of these two qualities makes the film complete the delicate touch on the...

    • By Ludwig 2023-09-20 03:18:21

      Mickey Mouse. . . Tears...

    • By Clay 2023-09-05 11:59:28

      I most appreciate the supporting roles of the secondary line, and the grasp of "discrete". It is said that Director Chen fell into the shadow of "Sweet Honey" and always wanted to surpass this great success. I don't think he's playing. Compared with Xiaoqing Xiaoai, he is obviously more sensitive and ambitious to the changes of the times. But in troubled times, there is not much sincerity. He lacks a soft figure to solve the problem in the new era. What's more, your video narrative has...

    • By Golden 2023-09-01 09:40:09

      The floral shirt at the end of the blue gate is a tribute to the white clothes at dawn on the streets of New York. Liming's acting skills were saved by Young Lady Yang Gongru. Only the long eyes of Maggie Cheung in front of the last window made people unforgettable and gave me...

    • By Coby 2023-08-16 16:27:53

      "People with similar interests are more willing to share each other's inner world." Dawn's eyes were crystal clear at that time, wearing a white shirt, riding a bicycle, and singing...

    Movie plot

    On March 1, 1986, Li Xiaojun ( Leon Lai Ming ) bid farewell to his girlfriend Fang Xiaoting ( Kristy Yang ) and came to Hong Kong from Tianjin alone. His greatest ideal is to make money to get Xiao Ting to get married. In Hong Kong, he met Li Qiao ( Maggie Cheung ) who works at McDonald's , and the two lonely people finally became friends. By chance, they found that each other liked Teresa Teng's song very much. Until one day, they...
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    Creative background

    " The age of miracles " directed by Peter Chan failed at the box office, which resulted in UFO Filmmaker Production Co., Ltd. being sold to Golden Harvest Film Co., Ltd. Jiahe asked Peter Chan to shoot " Who's The Woman, Who's The Man ", but Peter Chan originally didn't want to shoot, so he asked them to shoot "Almost a Love Story" as a condition   .
    The title of the film was originally named "Big City Little Love" by the screenwriter...
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    Casting process

    In order to meet the background that the role in the film is a new immigrant from mainland China, Peter Chan originally matched Faye Wong and Leon Lai Ming. However, Faye Wong resigned without even reading the script. Later, he thought of looking for Maggie Cheung. Leon Lai Ming was chosen because Leon Lai Ming was born in Beijing, which fits the role setting. At the beginning, Li Qiao was designed as a girl who came to Hong Kong from...
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    Movie repair

    In 2013, our Production Co., Ltd. joined forces with Warner Bros. and invited the Italian film copy restoration company L'Immagine Ritrovata to repair the film copy of the film. During the restoration process, there was no reshooting or deletion of the footage, but Leon Lai Ming and Maggie Cheung did it. Re-dubbing. In September of the same year, the restored version of "Almost a Love Story" was screened in the "Classic" section of the...
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    Evaluation action

    Every character in "Almost a Love Story" emphasizes love and righteousness. Everyone faces their own situation, makes choices, and bears the consequences. The film is not just a love movie, it allows the audience to see the individual drifting in a foreign land, the ups and downs and choices in the changing times. But even more because of this, "Almost a Love Story" is another excellent love movie   . (The Paper Review)
    "Almost a Love...
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    Movie quotes

    • Operator: Page number, please?

      XiaoJun Li: 1986 please.

      Operator: Who's calling?

      XiaoJun Li: Li Xiao-jun. The message is... bye bye.

    • XiaoJun Li: Everyday was a new experience. If you were next to me, it would have been so much better.

    • XiaoJun Li: All I want is for you to live happily. I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm scared. It's the 1st time I fly. I've never been too gutsy. I dare not ask you to forgive me. We have been together all these years... we have walked all these paths... Xiao-ting, it broke my heart too.