• Director: Sidney Lumet
  • Countries of origin: United Kingdom, United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: October 20, 1977
  • Runtime: 2 hours 17 minutes
  • Sound mix: Mono
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Fliehende Pferde
  • "Equus" is a feature film directed by Sidney Lumet , starring Mr. Richard Burton and Peter Firth.
    The film tells the story of the male protagonist Alan Strang, who was sent to a mental hospital after stabbing the eyes of 6 horses. The psychiatrist Martin Dysart analyzed and treated Alan, and finally cured the young man's story.


    • Release date October 20, 1977
    • Filming locations Cinespace Film Studios - 11030 Highway 27, Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada
    • Production companies Persky-Bright Productions, Winkast Film Productions

    Movie reviews

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    • By Vivian 2022-11-05 21:37:30

      [Film Review] Equus (1977) 8.2/10

      Transposing Peter Shaffer's influential psychosexual play onto the celluloid, Sidney Lumet's EQUUS notches up Richard Burton's seventh and final Oscar nomination and puts a young Peter Firth on the map, who has been acted in the role in over one thousand times from Laurence Olivier's National Theatre to Broadway.

      Burton plays married psychiatrist Martin Dysart, who works in a hospital for disturbed teenagers, his latest analysand is a 17-year-old Alan Strang (Firth), who,...

    • By Ocie 2022-10-17 13:00:07

      Broken Faith

      17-year-old Alan was sent to psychiatrist Martin after stabbing six horses blind. During the conversation, Allen's fanatical love and hatred for horses made Martin also affected. He kept asking Allen and questioning himself. Is the spiritual home of people in the commercial society desolate and barren or colorful? When repressed, do you choose to run freely or follow tame? When there is a conflict, is it to challenge and fight or to give up oneself? Was Alan's stab at a horse callous...

    • By Monserrat 2022-09-30 12:01:07

      A performance master of an era

      The film earned Richard Burton his seventh Oscar nomination in 1978, and that year's Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

      After watching it, I really want to say, this is a purely dazzling film. The whole film is supported by his lines and narration. I can't imagine a second person playing his psychiatrist. role will be.

      At first I saw that he became ill due to alcoholism in the mid-1970s, which seriously affected his actions, and sometimes he even had to do his best to shoot...

    • By Valentina 2022-07-05 23:27:02

      "Richard Burton: "I Know If I Don't Come Back Now, I'll Never Come Back."

      By Patricia Bosworth, The New York Times, April 4, 1976 Full text translation

      A few weeks ago, Richard Burton returned to Broadway after 12 years in Peter Schaffer's psychological thriller "Equestrian." Like all his controversial behavior, his performance as the show's tortured child psychiatrist, Martin Dysart, generated controversy and discussion.

      Some critics saw Burton's prolonged absence from the stage as diluting his artistry, while others saw his reputation as a...

    • By Meggie 2022-07-05 19:29:14

      A master of facial expressions

      Looking at Burton's acting skills from this group of photos, Burton's acting skills do not need to rely on video to rely on moving pictures to show, just like Burton never needs tears to express pain and sorrow, he refuses to act in tears because he does not need to be like other actors. Relying on tears like that, he can achieve a greater effect than tears with his expression and eyes.

      The acting skills of a good actor can really be deeply felt from the photos. Even if you don't...

    User comments

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    • By Janice 2023-05-04 02:00:29

      Sao Nian grew up under the misdirection of closed and repressed religion and developed a passionate worship of horses. The film is full of metaphors and tension. The discussion of religion, psychology and behavior can actually be in line with the Lao Mai incident that has happened so far. Li, I was most impressed by the celestial body Sao Nian riding a horse under the moonlit...

    • By Sarai 2023-03-21 18:52:16

      Richard Burton's lines are so good that he masters multiple long monologues effortlessly. Repressed families, dull married life to suffocation, let's save them with the passion that breaks out of the shackles and the ardent love that spews...

    • By Consuelo 2023-03-21 12:50:51

      It’s getting harder and harder to watch this kind of crazy movie. In fact, if this movie is just telling a story, it won’t make me feel so boring. The story of this movie is quite interesting, but the ending part really made me feel I felt extreme psychological discomfort, and it also strengthened the idea that I could only give a passing score. There are too many script metaphors in this film. The lines are very annoying to look at, and many paragraphs are also relatively boring. After seeing...

    • By Hailey 2023-03-13 07:21:16

      I haven't read Peter Sheffer's original work, but I was shocked by the performance of the actors. Burton's aura is too strong, his eyes are especially sharp, and the large monologue highlights the characteristics of literary adaptation. It is conceivable that the effect of the stage play should be more test of emotional explosion. Well, for the theme, there are many angles that can be interpreted, and the influence of belief and reality on character shaping? Sheffer also wrote Amadeus, the...

    • By Liam 2023-03-08 01:16:45

      Dazzling and fascinated, it is not an exaggeration to give ten stars. Can't wait to start reading the original...

    Movie plot

    The film won the 1978 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor two awards and Oscar for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Changed Screenplay three nominations.
    According to the "Times" report on July 28, the wizard's robe and the student's tie have always been Harry Potter's iconic costumes, and they are also sought after by many fans. However, when they staged their "debut" on the London stage , Harry's actor...
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    Movie quotes

    • Martin Dysart: That's what his stare has been saying to me all this time: 'At least I galloped - when did you?'

    • Dora Strang: I only know that he was my little Alan - and then the devil came.

    • Alan Strang: Here I am. Find me. Find me. Kill me. Kill me. Find me, and kill me. Kill me. Find me, and kill me. Find me, and kill me. Find me, and kill meeeeeeee.

      [trails off]