Essential Killing

Essential Killing

  • Director: Jerzy Skolimowski
  • Writer: Jerzy Skolimowski,Ewa Piaskowska,James McManus
  • Countries of origin: Poland, Norway, Ireland, Hungary, France
  • Language: English, Polish, Arabic
  • Release date: October 22, 2010
  • Runtime: 1 hour 23 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Essence
  • "Essence of Killing" is a war film directed by Jerzy Skolimowski and starring Vincent Gallo , Emanuelle Seigner , Nicky Clive Broch and others. The film was released in Italy on September 6, 2010.
    The film tells the story of Mohammad, an Afghan captured by the US military, who escapes after being pinned to the Eastern European front   .


    • Release date October 22, 2010
    • Filming locations Kampinoski Park Narodowy, Mazowieckie, Poland
    • Production companies Skopia Film, Cylinder Production, Element Pictures

    Box office


    €3,167,000 (estimated)

    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Holden 2022-12-25 18:10:24

      The Cup of Fate and Human Nature

      This film started to look very boring, except for the first part where the three Americans were killed, there was almost no dialogue...
      The reason why I was able to watch it was because of the filming of the film (honestly) Said, I never thought that shooting snowfields could produce such a taste) and the cruel and realistic plot, I have always had the urge to see how this Muslim will end...
      When watching the film, I, as the audience, seem to be Looking at a life's pain, belief,...

    • By Monty 2022-12-05 20:43:42

      "Necessary Kills"

      In the past 80 minutes, I have been trying to find such a flash of inspiration. Maybe this deliberate viewing has lost the thought that this film hopes to convey. Of course I didn't find what I was looking for either.

      From politics, morality, human nature; photography, editing, sound effects are all people can write intentions, but if there is really no Vincent Gallo's masochistic temperament and abnormal method performance, everything is thin.

      However, there is an...

    • By Theresa 2022-10-28 11:29:00

      It's not hard to see the director's anti-American tendencies

      Vincent Gallo's top-level performance is amazing. Like Holly Hunter in "Piano Farewell", he vividly interprets the fate of a fugitive in a desperate situation with body language without a single line. However, several episodes of the US military abuse of prisoners arranged by the director at the beginning did not bring a reasonable explanation to the protagonist's motive for shooting innocents later, making it difficult to sympathize with the protagonist's experience. The religious scenes...

    • By Andrew 2022-10-23 05:20:27

      die on the road to freedom

      Die on the road to freedom

      When "Mill necessary" was a big hit at the Venice Film Festival, bin Laden's death was unexpected.
      It is said that the reason why bin Laden revealed his whereabouts this time is that two prisoners detained in Guantanamo Prison provided important information to the US military. They both confessed to the US military under torture such as "waterboarding" by the US military. Osama bin Laden's death has made the accusations against the U.S....

    • By Kyle 2022-07-17 22:20:04

      The killing is real, it must be fake.

      Under what circumstances would you kill someone?

      I once asked a very good friend such a question. This friend has a high degree of education and social status. I thought it would be a difficult question for him to answer and need to think for a long time, but the result was unexpected. Not only did he answer without hesitation, he gave me a long list: someone threatened my life, threatened the life of someone I love, someone wants to take my freedom, someone I love freedom, someone...

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    • By Claudie 2023-04-29 00:47:47

      what is he really wanna to...

    • By Emanuel 2023-04-11 14:58:27

      The author pulls out a pure narrative space, which seems to show the contest between human nature and animal nature, but ultimately tends to the spiritual world of human beings. The compulsion of the environment and the passivity of oneself are constantly emphasized in the narrow pattern. There is no actual logic to the story, and opinions tend to be more...

    • By Nakia 2023-04-06 09:17:51

      EU Film Festival. kindness. can't...

    • By Reba 2023-04-06 01:12:20

      Came to see this movie entirely for Vincent Gallo, and Gallo's perfect performance almost made him a goblin. The whole film blurs the boundaries of good and evil, restores the state and choice of the origin of human nature to the greatest extent, and reveals a strong dark atmosphere, which reminds me of Cai Shangjun's "The Sea of ​​People" last year, which also despises the dogma and shackles of civilization. It also shows the powerlessness and struggle of human beings in the...

    • By Adela 2023-04-05 06:03:01

      Not a single line, not really a...

    Movie plot

    An armed man in Afghanistan who killed three American soldiers out of fear as they approached his hiding place, was captured by reinforcements, not sure if it was out of fear or something else For this reason, he always refuses any form of communication. After the torture trial was invalid, the U.S. military sent him and other "terrorists" on a plane to be escorted to a military base in Poland. An accident on the road made the Afghan...
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    Evaluation action

    The film is filled with the alternation of close-ups of characters and large panoramas, majestic and vast natural scenery and the difficult situations of characters' survival, resulting in a strong visual and psychological contrast. Because of the lack of dialogue, the picture is extremely quiet, but the director through the careful design of color and lighting, so that the film always has a sense of tension and urgency. ( Review of...
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