Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter

  • Director: Michael Dudok de Wit
  • Countries of origin: United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands
  • Language: None
  • Release date: August 2001
  • Sound mix: Dolby SR
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78 : 1
  • Also known as: Батько і донька
  • "Father and Daughter" is an animated short film directed by the Dutch animation director Michael Dudok de Wit in 2000. Jennifer Bangs participated in the performance. It was jointly produced by the British cloudrunner film company and the Dutch cineTeFilmproductie film company and distributed by Crest International Inc   ..
    The film mainly tells the story of a father and his daughter riding a bicycle together. They cross the forest path, ride over the grass, and ride up the high slope to the calm lake, while the father says goodbye to the river bank. The story of my daughter who missed my father, riding a bicycle, day after day, year after year, coming to the riverside to wait   .
    The film won the 73rd Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film in 2001, and the 54th British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards for Best Animated Short Film   .

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    • Release date August 2001
    • Production companies CinéTé Filmproductie BV, Cloudrunner Ltd.

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    • By Robin 2022-10-02 15:43:18


      "Father and Daughter" is a heartwarming little short film where you can feel the love. Maybe it's because I have a special feeling for family love. Every time I see a clip about family love, whether it's text or video, it makes me blush and even cry. Bicycles and wheels are symbols of life. The wheels are endless and life is endless, so everyone in the film is on a bicycle, and leaving the bicycle to go far away is a symbol of the end of life. The short film conveys a lot of things, not only...

    • By Katlynn 2022-09-30 22:46:31

      Life is powerless but keep walking

      Leaving her father's warm and generous shoulders and chasing his disappearing figure, the lost figure of the little girl was elongated by the setting sun. In the following spring, summer, autumn and winter, she rode a bicycle to climb hard at sunset, her thin body struggled through the wind and rain, crossed the hillside, crossed the puddles, along the long river bank, the weak branches swayed, messy Her long hair fluttered, she was searching hard at night, she was waiting in the...

    • By Johnathan 2022-09-26 04:01:27

      21-year-old understanding of death

      The film "Father and Daughter" is an 8-minute animated short film directed by Dutch director Michael Dudewitt. I never thought that I could gain so much insight in an animated short film without a single line. Every time I watch it, I will burst into tears, and every time I watch it, I will gain a different insight. The following is my simple understanding of this film. understand. The music in the film is like a link, connecting some scattered and jumping shots, crossing the...

    • By Monty 2022-09-25 10:10:34

      It only makes sense to know that we will meet again

      [Rose] [Niu Niu Movie Review: Father and Daughter]

      The Netherlands for the Millennium?? Animated short.

      A film of 8 minutes and 9 seconds is enough to touch your life.

      When you leave I don't know if you really leave

      But I know I have to go home first

      Day after day, year after year, I stand on the shore where you left

      Waiting for your presence with mixed hopes

      ...until I too have grown old and come again to the shore where you left

      There has...

    • By Tess 2022-09-24 09:06:23

      I think so much...

      Sometimes you wish what was happening was a dream, and many times you wish the dream was real. The sudden departure of the father, the little girl's hope is a dream, the elderly grandmother is lying on the boat, dreaming that her father is hugging her tightly like when she was a child, how much do we hope the dream is true. Until the water dries up and tears flow, some people go back and forth in their dreams thousands of times, but the important thing is that you never want them to...

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    • By Talia 2022-09-23 06:10:01

      will you come back? Why haven't you come back?...

    • By Levi 2022-09-10 03:21:17

      A lifetime of waiting; not what I thought... Best Animated Short Film at the 73rd Academy Awards in...

    • By Enid 2022-09-05 01:32:39

      I still cry too much. very nice. But not touching at all. The soundtrack is really...

    • By Wilbert 2022-09-04 07:01:52

      hey,.have you ever known...he'll never leave you...

    • By Laurianne 2022-09-02 22:10:15

      Michael Dudok de Wit was born in the Netherlands in 1953. He first studied printmaking in Switzerland, and graduated from the West Surrey College of Art in England in 1978, specializing in animation. After a year in Barcelona, ​​he settled in London, England in the 1980s. He has worked in Richard William, Richard...

    Movie plot

    In the warm autumn evening, the father and his daughter ride bicycles together. They cross the forest path, ride across the grass, and ride up the high slope to the calm lake.
    The father hugged his daughter and boarded the boat. The daughter waited quietly by the lake, waited until the boat was blurred in sight, and waited until the sun was about to set. The father was too late, and the daughter rode back on a small bicycle alone. Since...
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    Creative background

    Michael Duddock DeWitt was born in 1953. He had a keen interest in European comics and illustrations in his early years, especially the works of Belgian cartoonist Hergé and American cartoonist Carl Bacchus. Bell. Michael Dudok DeWitt entered the Surrey College of Art and Design to study animation in 1975. During his studies at the school, he watched a large number of Eastern European animation art short films, and learned from the...
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    Filming and production

    The use of "Father and Daughter" lenses is very particular, and every lens application has been carefully considered. Most of the entire short film is still shot, and most of the film uses a long-range lens to push the subject and background into the distance, giving people a sense of emptiness and silence. In addition, the short film lens switching is also in place, and close-up shots are used many times according to the needs of the...
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    Evaluation action

    The appearance of the animated short film "Father and Daughter" has become a seasoning agent for people's aesthetic fatigue, bringing a fresh taste to the audience. Michael Dudock DeWitt starts from ordinary life plots, reflects events from a unique perspective, takes the most pure human emotions as the theme, and explores the meaning of life, the value of life, and the true meaning of emotions. Although the film only lasts more than 8...
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