Fear and Desire

Fear and Desire

  • Director: Stanley Kubrick
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Release date: April 1, 1953
  • Aspect ratio: 1.37 : 1
  • Also known as: Shape of Fear
  • Fear and Desire is a thriller war film directed by Stanley Kubrick, Frank Silvera and Paul Mazursky.
    The film tells the story of four soldiers who survive a crashed landing and find themselves in a forest six miles behind enemy lines.


    • Release date April 1, 1953
    • Filming locations California, USA
    • Production companies Kubrick Family

    Box office


    $33,000 (estimated)

    Movie reviews

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    • By Sylvan 2022-12-20 22:57:58

      Everyone is an island

      Everyone is an island, and islands and islands are floating on the sea. Sometimes we meet and destroy each other like planets collide, more often we never see each other for real, just float.

      #1. Two magic
      Sidney, sitting cross-legged and rocking back and forth when alone with a girl, is what many people with anxiety disorders do during a flare-up. Kubrick interprets it as...

    • By Melisa 2022-12-08 05:35:50

      Fear, who would like it!

      The film opens with a poem that leads to this unspecified story. The panning shot at the beginning of the forest scene is mysterious, and the jungle seems to be full of danger and anxiety. Four soldiers landed on enemy positions in the crash, desperate to get back to safety. The whole film shapes the characters' personalities through dialogues with characters, such as Coby, who is always calm and philosophical, Mike who is tough and alert, Sidney who is innocent and vulnerable, and Fletcher...

    • By Antwon 2022-11-10 23:09:23

      Just an island

      People can never fully communicate and understand. What you tell is the story you want to tell, and what he hears is what he wants to hear. This confirms the line of the movie: sometimes talking is an irreplaceable medicine, but it will be more uncomfortable later.

      Several unsuccessful communications completely dispelled my desire to try to tell and explain. Since loneliness is inevitable, let loneliness fill me.

      Just like the young...

    • By Eino 2022-10-28 17:38:10

      Turn some newspapers and magazines on Kubrick's debut

      The reviews are from the book Kubrick's Films by Norman Kagan.
      The Blu-ray version was released on 10/23/12.

      "A creative war art piece that stands out with fresh cinematography and poetic dialogue."

      "He artistically captures the eccentric attitudes to death, the gobbling of hungry men. And their bestiality, showing in one scene how destructive desire can be for a poor young soldier."

      The New York Times noted that Kubrick and Sackler ( The...

    • By Gail 2022-10-25 19:56:56

      sad view of the world

      [Fear and Desire] may not be as successful as [Citizen Kane] and [Blood Labyrinth]. But I am afraid that in terms of the theme of choice, Kubrick has devoted his life to the two themes of war and the cruel nature of human beings.

      Even this work in his early twenties is melancholy and indifferent. Although the funds for the shoot were low, the tools available were also limited. But from a visual standpoint, the film is very cinematic. There is also a hint of absurdism.


    User comments

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    • By Cora 2023-05-02 21:30:35

      There is a reason why Kubrick is reluctant to show this film to people. The film is full of low-cost exercises, the actors are both artificial and amateur, and the basic structural editing is also very unskilled. Very messy, photography is probably the only highlight of the whole film. Kubrick probably watched a lot of German Expressionism and Soviet-Russian acrobatic montages in his early years, but it should be said that he was a photographer who had just changed his career and had not yet...

    • By Vince 2023-04-22 10:52:14

      If it was a real scene, it was very advanced at that time. Is it bad? As a library's own film it's pretty bad. Without profound ethics, half of the library style is missing. Made Chinese...

    • By Clovis 2023-04-20 01:07:59

      In an overhead war scene, four fighters who survived a plane crash, when escaping in the wild, have different changes in their mentality, and people with different values ​​behave differently under high pressure. Losing himself, he became a madman; the rough and tough guy has always felt guilty for 34 years of mediocre life, the enemy general is right in front of him, and the call of honor has surpassed life; the two who grabbed the plane to escape were relatively peaceful, but they couldn’t...

    • By Greyson 2023-04-13 15:16:28

      This film is Kubrick's directorial debut, using the simplest material to create the richest and most surprising effect. This film magnifies the deep fear in people's heart and the exploration of human nature it brings, which is a theme that Kubrick often uses later. Kubrick's fascination with visual effects is already evident in the first film, as is the expressionist approach to film noirs like Smoke. It's just that this film is too stage-style and lacks realistic considerations. It is more...

    • By Eloy 2023-04-05 21:14:12

      The photography of the restored version is very good. There are still some deep-focus lenses in the room. The composition and lighting are also intentional. The fog on the water has a taste of poetic realism. It is indeed a work of practice. The quick-cut shots used to express nervousness are heavily imitated. The "sublimation" at the end is extremely didactic, and the style of the lines is also very literary, but it already has a rudimentary Kushen style, such as "Full Metal". A naive version...

    Movie plot

    A fictional war in an unidentified country provides the backdrop for this drama. Four soldiers survived the crash landing and found themselves in the woods six miles behind enemy lines. The team led by Lieutenant Bryant had a plan: They would travel to a nearby river, build a raft, and then, under the cover of night, drift back to a friendly area. Their plans for a safe return were derailed by a young woman who stumbled upon them while...
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    Background creation

    The script was written by his high school classmate, poet Howard Sackler, and Kubrick financed the filming himself, mostly borrowing it from his father, uncles and friends. This work is full of surreal symbolism like Kubrick's later films, so only one art film company is willing to release and show it, and Kubrick thinks this film is just an internship work, and he only promises to show it privately. , and wanted to destroy the copy...
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    Movie quotes

    • [Private Sidney impulsively hugs the Young Girl, who's tied to a tree]

      Private Sidney: If you have to hate me, please try to like me also.

    • Lieutenant Corby: We spend our lives running our fingers down the lists in directories, looking for our real names, our permanent addresses. No man is an island?

      [chuckles softly]

      Lieutenant Corby: Perhaps that was true a long time ago, before the Ice Age. The glaciers have melted away, and now we're all islands - parts of a world made of islands only...

    • [first lines]

      Narrator: There is war in this forest. Not a war that has been fought, or one that will be, but any war. And the enemies who struggle here do not exist, unless we call them into being. This forest, then, and all that happens now is outside history. Only the unchanging shapes of fear, and doubt, and death are from our world. These soldiers that you see keep our language and our time, but have no other country but the mind.