Finding Your Feet

Finding Your Feet

  • Director: Richard Loncraine
  • Writer: Meg Leonard,Nick Moorcroft
  • Countries of origin: United Kingdom
  • Language: English, Italian, French, Welsh
  • Release date: March 30, 2018
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Dans Terapisi
  • "Finding Your Feet" is a comedy directed by Richard Loncraine, starring Imelda Mary Philomena Bernadette Stauton , Celia Imrie and Timothy Spall . It was released in the United States on November 2, 2017.
    The film tells the story of a woman who is about to retire, Sandra, was betrayed by her husband and best friend, and her life has changed drastically. 


    • Release date March 30, 2018
    • Filming locations Hampstead Ponds, Hampstead Heath, Hampstead, London, England, UK
    • Production companies Eclipse Films, Catalyst Global Media, Powderkeg Pictures

    Box office


    £5,400,000 (estimated)

    Gross US & Canada


    Opening weekend US & Canada


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    Movie reviews

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    • By Jayde 2022-05-10 21:25:23

      Many times we forget our feet

      FInding our feet Many times we forget our feet, especially when we are hit, we can hardly stand up. In fact, our feet can not only help you stand up, walk, and dance.

      The fairy sister of the heroine in the film said a lot of very philosophical things. When an old man of her date happily died at her home, she said:

    • By Julie 2022-05-10 20:50:55

      A little enlightenment for young people to experience derailment in old age!

      Watching "Follow Your Dance Steps" reminds me of the "List of Life" written by Frederick Buckman, which tells the story of a man who is in old age, encounters a husband cheating, and a woman restarts.

      Starting again, I said these four words too simple. Sandra said: I have given my life to you and your career. As for him, on the day he was awarded the honor of retirement, he and Sandra's model friend...

    • By Tressa 2022-05-10 18:06:00

      Women want to be independent

      Two people in married life are a process of helping and supporting each other. They cannot ignore their feelings, interests, and hobbies just because they perfect each other. They can live better by understanding, respecting, loving, and supporting each other. This movie tells a woman that at all times You can't think of marriage as all of your life, whether you are married or unmarried. This is not to make you selfish in marriage, but to keep you on guard. Marriage is not your safe haven....

    • By Branson 2022-05-10 12:22:52

      [Follow your footsteps]


      A woman who treats marriage as everything, was dug into the corner by her best friend, and lived a wonderful self after divorce. The old-fashioned plot, a different interpretation. When marriage occurs when you are young, and when you are no longer young and preparing to live a happy old age, the impact on people must be different. This movie tells a woman that marriage should not be considered the whole of your life at any time, whether you are married or unmarried. This is not to...

    • By Caitlyn 2022-05-10 11:54:58

      "Follow Your Footsteps" which impressed you

      1.Charlie whispered take care to his wife in the nursing home who was in the late stage of dementia.

      2. Bev said on the Roman bridge that he swore to never love again. In the end, with tears, he said that when he returned to the old place, he realized how regretful this decision was.

      3. Sandra catches up with Charlie's ship at the end, shouting I'm taking the leap of faith.

      After watching the movie, there are still three images in my head.

      There are many other small...

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    • By Glennie 2022-09-25 19:34:32

      Ah, London, what a beautiful city! So, no matter how old you are, don't miss the...

    • By Lysanne 2022-09-23 00:48:52

      A well-established positive energy romantic comedy, the performances of several old British dramas are really comfortable to watch, and finally the old ladies took off their high heels and jumped on the broken ship, which was both touching and funny. This movie proves once again that money and status do not necessarily mean happiness and...

    • By Olen 2022-09-19 22:00:10

      In the end, the phenomenon of national inheritance appeared in square dance~ The actors naturally have no choice~ The book is still a little bit meaningless~ Maybe it is because I know that the standard of the book is limited and I deliberately find a good actor to make up for it~ To be honest~ I am used to seeing the old man” "People" cheated on the little girl, I suddenly saw that the heroine's husband cheated on a little old lady who was about the same age as me, I was stunned for a...

    • By Kraig 2022-09-07 17:28:39

      The credit for this movie is not the actors, but the script is really...

    • By May 2022-09-02 20:12:28

      This type of Drama Movie seriously shot in the UK is unmatched. Good light comedy. I don't know if this kind of film is released in China, can it have a box...

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    Happily, Timothy Spall and Imelda Mary Philomena Bernadette Stauton flashed the cuter side of their dramatic characters in "Finding Your Feet", including some close-up techniques. This may be an enjoyable rom-com trivia in the old age, but it is commendable that it also delves into the most bumpy realities in the lives of elderly people, such as terminal illness, sheer loneliness, and regular funerals. The movie that resonates most...
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    Movie quotes

    • Bif: How did your Internet date go at the weekend?

      Jackie: Well, let's just say I got more than I bargained for.

      Bif: Ooh, lucky you.

      Jackie: No, he showed up with his wife in tow. Turns out I'd clicked swinging instead of swimming on my list of likes.

    • Bif: Last time I checked there wasn't an age limit on getting your leg over.

    • Jackie: Surely becoming a free woman is better than being a kept lady.