Five Came Back

Five Came Back

  • Director: Laurent Bouzereau
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: March 31, 2017
  • Sound mix: Stereo
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD
  • Also known as: П'ятеро повернулись
  • Five Came Back is a 3-episode documentary that premiered in the United States on March 31, 2017   .


    • Release date March 31, 2017
    • Production companies Amblin Television, IACF Productions, Makemake

    Movie reviews

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    • By Talia 2022-09-04 23:52:49

      Jimmy Roosevelt at the Battle of Midway

      If you can make a meaningful film, of course, entertainment is the main purpose, but if the film can contribute to the morality of the society at the time, it becomes a source of satisfaction. This is the original intention of William Wheeler's "House of Courage".
      After Pearl Harbor, the United States entered the war. One-third of Hollywood men go to the front lines. How do you inculcate the need to wear military uniforms to 12 million young men who are still big boys. The movie, the...

    • By Lauriane 2022-09-04 23:13:04

      Watch less movies and read more books

      The information in the film is very concentrated and not free. It is basically instilled, just like flooding the ground, and the seedlings are likely to be suffocated.

      Especially when you are free and nervous, the concentrated information bombardment and the creation of stories will give you a false sense of reality. In fact, this is a large consumption of your attention and mental strength, resulting in a feeling of fatigue.

      Depressed for a long time, excessive pursuit of...

    • By Mitchell 2022-09-04 21:15:41

      How Hollywood Influenced the View of the Holocaust

      In 1945, shortly after the surrender of Germany, George Stevens (1904-75) , the most famous American romantic comedy director of the time , entered the Dachau concentration camp . Photographs of the liberation of the concentration camps taken by him and his team gave the world the first glimpse of Nazi death factories. During World War II, Stevens worked with four other famous...

    • By Margarita 2022-09-04 20:18:17

      The War of Five - Hollywood and World War II

      There are many movies about the history of World War II. It is a new perspective to combine the development history of Hollywood movies during World War II with the history of World War II. The documentary tells the legendary stories of five of the greatest directors in Hollywood history, who used film as a weapon to win World War II and change the history of film. Documentary provides a chronological index, clearly showing the impact of the war on the style of Hollywood cinema, and thus...

    • By Alexander 2022-09-04 19:14:40

      The greatness of rebirth from ashes [from Li Zongheng film review]

      I remember that I wrote a sentence in "Putting on the Emperor's New Clothes" under the name of "The Epitaph of an Unknown Artist": The best works come from the great pain in the heart. These five amazing Hollywood directors have experienced the baptism of the first-line battlefield like Robert Capa, and they have been reborn from the ashes and made their greatest works. Actually think about it, don't you think? Why are we speaking? What do we have to say? Are you useful as a "creator"? Which...

    User comments

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    • By Bernadette 2022-11-24 13:08:55

      In the first episode, when I saw Franklin D. Roosevelt watching the scene of his son serving in the movie, I really couldn't stop myself from getting...

    • By Cleta 2022-11-21 11:40:47

      The US emperor is really a sinner. It took a lot of effort to make a few propaganda films to call everyone to fight against the big bad guys. Being the president is even more of no status, and no one told him beforehand that there will be scenes of his own son in the documentary film that was...

    • By Ressie 2022-11-19 07:29:06

      Video books allow people to have a clearer and more intuitive understanding of the information in the books. Ford's pettiness, Wheeler's desperate, Houston's sentimentality, Capra's optimism, Stevens' fear of evil. There are also contemporary directors' feelings about the life experiences and works of these five directors. They have also worked hard for independent films. In the second half of their lives, their film careers were further broadened because of their experience in the military...

    • By Emma 2022-10-23 09:21:02

      The most commendable and most awesome thing is that after their return, they can still make bright and beautiful films such as "The Golden Age", "What a Beautiful Life" and "Roman...

    • By Keagan 2022-10-17 18:58:59

      1. These five directors are truly great. 2. The box office of a movie is generally not an indicator for evaluating the ultimate value and artistic level of a movie. Even a conscientious professional movie critic may not be an accurate indicator, but time is. 3. History and archives are actually the most precious treasures of human beings, so that future generations can avoid the wrong path taken by their predecessors, but our nation does not seem to eat this kind of...