Flight 93

Flight 93

  • Director: Peter Markle
  • Countries of origin: Canada, United States
  • Language: Arabic, English
  • Release date: January 30, 2006
  • Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78 : 1
  • Also known as: Рейс 93
  • "Flight 93" is an action film directed by Peter Markle and starring Jeffrey Norling and Brennan Elliott.
    The film tells the story of passengers retaking the plane to stop a terrorist attack.


    • Release date January 30, 2006
    • Filming locations Delta, British Columbia, Canada
    • Production companies A+E Networks, Gerber Company, Fox Television Studios

    Movie reviews

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    • By Christop 2022-12-26 02:40:15

      pay tribute

         "I`ll call back later."
         "Lisa, hang up the phone..."

          Here, with the most sincere heart, I would like to express my highest respect to every passenger and crew member on the 93 flight that was killed, and my most sincere mourning.
          The plane swept sideways over the fields outside the woods, leaving a deep scar on America, their mother's arms, before creating the most spectacular funeral for the heroes.
         "We have a plan, we're going to take...

    • By Luther 2022-12-20 12:29:33

      Hollywood conspiracy representative - "Flight 93"

      "This movie is to "remember" the incident of United Airlines Flight 93. It is painful and difficult to remember, but it can also be inspiring and wise to remember."
                             - "Flight 93" "Pual" Greengrass, the director of "
          Flight 93, I just want to ask two questions: What kind of mood do people watch this movie with? Why do you want to make this movie?     What
                             kind of movie viewing mood?
      Before "Flight 93", we must first solve...

    • By 2022-12-07 12:17:42

      Flight 93, I LOVE YOU, is earth-shattering

      If one day my plane is hijacked, and I take out my phone, who will I call, and at the end, the phrase "I LOVE YOU" I don't want to say.

      Dad, be careful to control your temper, I love you.

      Mom, there will be a way to do anything, don't worry, I love you.

      I love you, I can't say it.

      On September 11, 2001, a day destined to be remembered by the world, four planes were hijacked, three of them crashed into the terrorists' intended target, and only one U93...

    • By Haven 2022-11-29 13:02:40


      This is a film about the events of 9.11 in the United States, which looks more like a documentary. The World Trade Center, the Pentagon... Buildings have been ruthlessly destroyed, and innocent lives are passing away one by one. The gangsters who hijacked the plane were desperadoes one by one. They hijacked the plane to carry out suicide attacks without compromising the feelings of those innocent people. I really don't understand what the U.S. government is doing. Three planes crashed into...

    • By Rhett 2022-11-07 07:39:59

      When we're done watching this movie, should we think about something else?

      When we're done watching this movie, should we think about something else?

      What have the governments elected by the American people done in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and, in the near future, Iran?

      To say something that doesn't quite fit everyone's psychology, I admire those Muslims who are willing to sacrifice their lives for Allah. They have a firm belief, a spirit of resistance, and a spirit of self-devotion - although I don't agree with their approach....

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    • By Kattie 2023-01-08 21:49:17

      Very provocative, good sense of reading, but always feel that something is missing. As far as this matter is concerned, no matter what the truth is, I hope this is unique in human history. I hope that in the arena of politics and freedom, innocent people can continue their innocent lives as much as possible, and there will be no needless...

    • By Devyn 2022-12-11 10:26:32

      Last moment. Only i love you can think of to express. Please cherish the peaceful days. Please cherish the peaceful life. Please cherish the hard-won...

    • By Noah 2022-10-10 12:19:50

      There are always news of plane crashes during this time, and I accidentally heard a recording on the Internet that was recorded in the black box before a certain flight crashed a few years ago. As sharp as the lightning pierced in the middle. Hope everyone is safe and...

    • By Wellington 2022-09-19 18:44:05

      Documentary category. Emotions come...

    • By Robb 2022-09-16 18:53:40

      At the moment of rushing to the lawn silently, I finally have to accept that the passenger who fought to the death before he died can not be the protagonist of a safe landing in the...

    Movie quotes

    • Tom Burnett: It's a suicide mission!

    • Air Traffic Controller: Dixie? Flight's down.

      Dixie - F-16 Pilot: Down as in landed?

      Air Traffic Controller: Negative. Down as in... some field.

      Dixie - F-16 Pilot: Roger that.

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