• Director: Samuel Maoz
  • Countries of origin: Israel, Switzerland, Germany, France
  • Language: Hebrew, German
  • Release date: September 21, 2017
  • Runtime: 1 hour 53 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: 今天跳舞不打仗
  • "Foxtrot" is a feature film co-produced by Israel, Germany and France, directed by Israeli director Samuel Maoz , and co-starring Leo Ashkenaz and Sarah Adler . The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 2, 2017   .
    The film tells the story of a young soldier who encounters an accident while standing guard, which brings unimaginable disaster to his family.
    In 2017, he won the Silver Lion Award of the Jury Prize at the 74th Venice International Film Festival   .
    On December 14, 2017, "Foxtrot" won the Best Screenplay Award at the 2nd Macau International Film Festival. 


    • Release date September 21, 2017
    • Filming locations Tel Aviv, Israel
    • Production companies Spiro Films, Pola Pandora Filmproduktions, A.S.A.P.

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    Movie reviews

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    • By Idell 2022-11-29 10:40:25

      Another war that haunts the foxtrot another war that haunts the foxtrot

      Many famous directors have made anti-war films. I gave it a little thought, such as Coppola's "Apocalypse Now", Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket", Polanski's "The Pianist", Li Ann's "Billy Lynn's Midfield War", Spielberg's "Schindler's List", Nolan's "Dunkirk", Eastwood's "The Banner of the Fathers", etc.

      In the past, I always classified films...

    • By Consuelo 2022-11-25 19:54:52

      A waltz from Israel

      One step can't be described as a wonderful movie, but after watching it, I am still intoxicated with the general hallucinogenic feeling after smoking marijuana, as if I am still dancing the foxtrot.

      Weird is my best definition of this movie. At the beginning of the film, it is almost the beginning of a standard war scars movie, and the emotional rendering is in place. Suddenly, the plot took a sharp turn. As the absurd and boring lives of the young soldiers gradually unfolded, an...

    • By Ned 2022-11-13 14:52:14

      Foxtrot in the 1930s in Shanghai

      The title of the film reminds me of the debate among the best Chinese film theorists in the 1930s during the Spring Festival, the debate on soft movies, Mu Shiying is quite good. He used to dance the foxtrot in Shanghai ballrooms, and then he got tired of it. I don't know what it is.

      Almost a century ago.

      Today's foxtrot, this Maotz dance, shows how the foxtrot was originally. Just four steps.

      The beginning is very good, the real joke of resurrection, the middle is...

    • By Andy 2022-11-12 01:16:55

      origin of destiny

      Just as I expected the literary film to be a little boring, I fell asleep after watching it for 20 minutes, and then watched it in the evening. Finally, I saw the subtitles at the end of the film after my son rolled over, and I sat for a while, feeling lost. The overall feeling is very delicate, no matter the shooting pictures or the feelings of the characters in the play. The director's storytelling skills are profound. The initial crit made the parents collapse, and the subsequent...

    • By Trycia 2022-11-10 05:20:55

      The Evil of Mediocrity and Bystanders

      60 years ago, Hannah Arendt, a well-known Jewish political thinker, reported on Adolf Eichmann, the Israeli government's high-ranking Nazi official in Germany and the chief responsible for the "Final Plan" of the Holocaust, as a staff writer for The New Yorker. 's trial. And later put forward the famous concept of "banality of evil". In Arendt's view, this kind of evil exists widely in modern life, and its mediocrity is shaped by the unintentional actions of countless individuals. Under the...

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    • By Keeley 2022-11-18 19:37:36

      The slope of the canned meat rolling down in just eight seconds would sink us completely. It took only five hours for his son to come back from the dead, but the funeral could go on. Rifles are fox dance partners, beer cans are grenades, camels are death messengers, naked women are libido cages. The joy of having a child is short-lived, and the pain of losing a child is long-lasting. My secret was to destroy the maiden, and my father's secret was to betray the gods, and the secret was branded...

    • By Curtis 2022-10-09 22:46:48

      Audio-visual aspects are perfect, clever film festival...

    • By Rosemary 2022-09-27 11:27:05

      The inspiration for the story comes from a personal experience of director Samuel Maotz and his daughter: the director's daughter always doesn't get up on time, so he let her take the bus to school in the future - no longer drive her. One day, his daughter went to school, and half an hour later, he heard that terrorists set themselves on fire in the No. 5 car. More than a dozen people lost their lives in that incident. But luckily, his daughter was fine because she missed the...

    • By Douglas 2022-09-05 13:28:47

      Boys dance with steel guns, Bibles for pornographic magazines. The black birds swirled in the sky and turned into an icy shower. Although the whole body was awkward and stiff, the rain slapped randomly on the face, and it also gave off the light of the special award-winning film...

    • By Hollie 2022-09-05 05:20:10

      The intensity of the three paragraphs decreases in turn, and the last paragraph is indeed a bit deliberate. But the director's camera control is very strong, and the artistic taste is good. Looking at the director's face, it matches the tone of the film: restrained, slow, a little poetic, but a little slow, and finally made some compromises. Five stars for the first paragraph with the soldier's...

    Movie plot

    Israeli soldiers knock on the door of a middle-class family, announcing that their soldier son is dead, his wife faints, his husband is in a state of grief with nowhere to hide but self-mutilation, the couple is heartbroken, chaotic, accepting reality, When arranging the funeral, the military sent another notice that the wrong family was notified just now, and another soldier who had the same name as their son died. Sadness gave birth...
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    The story of the film comes from the incident experienced by director Samuel Maoz and his daughter. Samuel Maoz drives his daughter to school every day because his daughter never gets up on time. This bad habit makes Samuel Maoz heartbroken. Samuel Maoz told his daughter that she should take the bus to school like everyone else. One day, his daughter took the No. 5 bus to go to school. Half an hour later, Samuel Maoz heard that...
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    Evaluation action

    Although "Foxtrot" does not have the extreme narrowness of a tank, it is a three-scenario narration. With the changes of the protagonist, from the parents' home at the beginning, to the rare desert post where the soldier's son is stationed, and then back to the background of the home, it can be regarded as a certain A nearly closed or semi-closed space in this sense. The director's control over the space is still top-notch. An...
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