High Maintenance

High Maintenance

  • Director: Ben Sinclair, Silas Howard
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: September 16, 2016
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD
  • Also known as: 하이 메인터넌스
  • "High Maintenance Season 1" is a TV series directed by Katia Brichfield, Ben Sinclair and starring Ben Sinclair, Max Jenkins and others. It premiered on September 16, 2016.


    • Release date September 16, 2016
    • Filming locations New York City, New York, USA
    • Production companies Janky Clown Productions

    Movie reviews

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    • By Olen 2022-11-29 11:06:40

      Difficult to reach

      HBO never fails to stun me

      Insiders joked "This is not a pornographic film, this is HBO"

      In fact, I don't like that people use "large scale" as the label of HBO, which attracts people's attention and attracts people to watch movies. I remember the director of "Call Me by Your Name" regretfully said later: "I think the scene of the ** is too obscured, so unnatural." I agree with his regret. "Natural" is almost the key to attracting people. , and even want to say: a work of...

    • By Orin 2022-11-25 12:12:25

      HBO's sketches are not just for viewing chrysanthemums

      The sketch does not need to be upright, but it must be ironic. The most important thing is to make people laugh, and it is best to make people feel something after laughing. I watched four episodes of HBO's show, and it felt better than I imagined. Each episode is about the male protagonist attracting various customers. Generally, it is a two-line narrative. Each episode has a story, which is a real sketch.

      The passionate comrade found warmth in the mutual aid meeting. What the...

    • By Magnolia 2022-11-03 22:39:59

      A large-scale 9-point pornographic film, but it was my best American drama in the first half of the year

      This drama is really delicate, quiet, and tasteful. I saw contradiction, hypocrisy, greed, deceit, loneliness, vulnerability, helplessness, complexity, jealousy, cowardice, prevarication, pity, carnival, indulgence, anxiety, sadness, gloom, hope, and heartfelt laughter.

      In this show, all I see are animals.

      Without reminiscent of Lu Xun's small miscellaneous feelings, the widely circulated

      A man downstairs was dying of illness, and the family in the wall was...

    • By Juston 2022-10-01 22:09:55

      Great ambition, lack of ability, good subject matter! It could have become a drama, but it was ruined by the incompetent director and screenwriter!

      After watching the first season, the most intuitive feeling to me is that it is chaotic! There is no beginning or end, all kinds of intrusions, all are fragments, there is no complete story, and those who watch it will be embarrassed and cancer! Seriously exposed the shortcomings of the director and screenwriter. They have great ambitions and lack of ability. They hold mountains of good materials, but they don't know how to organize these materials into a good story.

      The director...

    • By Stefanie 2022-09-19 20:38:01

      Life is high maintenance, so just stop judging.

      The two most important attitudes I learned from the 8-week mindfulness meditation class MBSR recently were: focus on the present moment and don't judge. And watching the show, it's like the instructor is vividly teaching you how to practice both.

      There is a lot of diversity in the show, and many of the characters successfully evoke my emotions: E01's muscular guy thinks of the big guy who bullied me in class when he was a kid; E04's Chinese parents...

    User comments

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    • By Davonte 2023-03-17 05:12:19

      Depressed and preoccupied, Brooklyn is fortunate to have the undisturbed kindness and restrained sympathy of Big Boy. People come, dogs come, morning parties, and night group Ps, life is too short, come hi if you don't accept...

    • By Demetrius 2023-03-13 13:53:20

      Is the fourth episode really not written by new Chinese immigrants? It's the story that captures the essence of the Chinese soul the most I've ever seen in an American...

    • By Guy 2022-11-16 22:59:50

      Why do we say that leaves are medicine, because modern people's anxiety and addiction are difficult to cure. I wish more people could be frank and naked like the dogs of E3. Other stories will become the nutrient for rational analysis of the case, but the dog whose love bursts beyond the realm of leaves cannot be tainted by thinking. [I also want that old Chinese grandpa who wants to go to fulton to sell mobile phones, so realistic to...

    • By Herta 2022-10-22 08:26:39

      I really liked the Korean girl...

    • By Anabel 2022-10-07 04:47:42

      It's a typical epitome of a modern urban New Yorker, but it feels a bit cliché and can't be pleasantly surprised by this...