• Director: Hirokazu Koreeda
  • Writer: Teru Miyamoto,Yoshihisa Ogita
  • Countries of origin: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: December 9, 1995
  • Sound mix: Stereo
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Illusion
  • "Phantom No Light" is a 110-minute drama film produced by the Japan Television Federation. Directed by Hirokazu Kore directed, Jiang angle U ma ki , Naito Takashi , Tadanobu Asano , Midori Kiuchi , Akira Emoto starred, etc., on December 9, 1995 release in Japan.
    The film is adapted from the short story of the same name written by Teru Miyamoto. It tells the story of a woman who has to figure out the reason for her husband's suicide before she can survive the psychological catastrophe   .


    • Release date December 9, 1995
    • Filming locations Wajima, Ishikawa, Japan
    • Production companies TV Man Union

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    • By Tamara 2022-12-31 10:02:03


      It's Hirokazu Koreeda's Virgo. Overall, the sense of the situation is a little too strong, and the story is a little weaker. The movie "Phantom Light" tells the story of the wife slowly adjusting to the new family life after her husband commits suicide. In fact, the story of this movie will feel a little unfinished, more of a feeling, adapting to and getting rid of the unforgettable pain caused by the death of the family. In fact, from this point of view, although the paragraphs about the...

    • By Hoyt 2022-12-31 07:18:17

      The reason for the disappearance

      Has been with Yumiko entangled in Yufu's disappearance.
      What is tangled is not the disappearance, but the reason for the disappearance that disappears. Without a reason, our sadness, anger, and grievance have no enemy, no direction, and no basis. Emotions stagnated in the chest with increasingly uncertain speculation about the reasons, unable to release.
      The reason Yumiko got was the light at sea, and I thought of myself one day.
      When I was still in Xiamen that day, while...

    • By Lillian 2022-12-31 06:19:36

      Reconcile with life

      "Illusionary Light", "Haijie Diary", "No One Knows", "Deeper Than the Sea" and "Walking Nonstop" are released once a week. On 5 Sunday nights, I closed and waited, quietly watching one of the series. Film, experience the director is Hirokazu Kore-eda's film world, understand and experience his views on family.
             I think it is a good movie as long as one of the following conditions is met. First, the movie takes you into a different world and can make you feel happy or satisfied;...

    • By Trenton 2022-12-29 23:35:02

      It is the debut work of Hirokazu Koeda that makes us understand the courage and value of living

      (This article was first published on the WeChat public account: Ye Xiaomu's Private Cinema)


      There have been a lot of news about suicide recently. Middle school students in Guangdong, university secretaries, vice presidents in Hubei, and student couples in Gansu. It's all pretty sad. Suicide may be a "private matter", and no one else can interfere, but you have already done it yourself, and there are not many sequelae left behind - what will your living family do in the future?...

    • By Alycia 2022-12-28 18:39:13

      do you really know what you're talking about

      After reading so many movie reviews, too many people echo what they say. Do you understand?

      This film really failed. It was as mindless as Bi Gan's film. Completely petty bourgeoisie and complete literature and art equals complete separation from the world!

      People are not dolls in slow motion. They have to have motivation, they have to have contradictions, they have to have conflicts, and they have to have a storyline to advance. Don't think of those children's literature as...

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    • By Gillian 2023-01-30 17:36:37

      Very tasteful, and the director has a keen sense of lens language and montage. Themes are particularly common and characteristic of the Japanese. The performance is also very restrained. The color is gray, gray, blue and blue, and many indoor scenes do not seem to have special lighting, and sometimes the faces are dark, but this is not a disadvantage. In this movie, it is a feature. Many scenes in the countryside are extremely beautiful, reminding me of An Zhe. Lots of centered symmetrical...

    • By Chelsea 2023-01-29 13:21:33

      The endless nostalgia for the dead is a burden or a responsibility for the living. Death is a temptation. The scene of the funeral at the seaside in the latter part of the movie trapped people's sadness in it for a long time. It belongs to the kind of film that explores philosophy and the meaning of...

    • By May 2023-01-28 15:25:21

      A / The night is still in the cold water and the fish does not eat, and the ship is empty and the moon...

    • By Alyson 2023-01-05 09:08:16

      After watching Shizhi’s first film, I realized that his early film style was deeply influenced by Hou Hsiao-hsien. As for the later he went to concentrate on family dramas and became a master in the world, some people said that he was disappointed, but for me It's not that, film aesthetics don't have to insist on differentiating, expressing all kinds of things, quiet and noisy, default or covered, and those that can reach people's hearts, are all good...

    • By Griffin 2023-01-02 04:04:39

      There is still a kind of still green, deliberate silence, but it has been possible to let the camera and music express infinite meaning in the place where there is enough...

    Movie plot

    Yumiko ( Jiang angle ma ki U ornaments) grandmother missing in the time she was 12, Yumiko has failed to stop their own grandmothers and great remorse. At the age of 25, Yumiko and Ikuo ( Tadanobu Asano ) were married. The couple had a good relationship and had a son, Yuichi. However, Ikuo suddenly committed suicide and Yumiko was hit by the loss of a loved one again. Five years later, she married the fisherman Minxiong ( Naito Takashi...
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    Background creation

    "Phantom No Light" is the first film work by Hirokazu Ee   . Director Shiede was unable to choose between several actress candidates when he was casting a cast. A friend of the photographer who was the producer of the film provided a picture of Ekaku Masami, and Makiko's eyes impressed Director Shieda very deeply. When facing Makiko, Director Shiede felt that she had a strong will of a woman in her. He felt that she was a person who...
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    Evaluation action

    The unique artistic temperament exuded by the visual language in the film makes people feel sorrowful and impressive. It is calm and objective, yet without sacrificing meticulous restraint, it fully displays the grief, depression, fragility, and loneliness of Yumiko's inner feelings after the bereavement.
    First of all, in terms of lens language, the biggest feature of the film is a large number of fixed long shots, which is inseparable...
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    Movie quotes

    • Yumiko: It's harder to say goodbye if we keep postponing it.

    • Yumiko: [Recalling her first husband's unexplained suicide] I just... I just don't understand! Why did he kill himself? Why was he walking along the tracks? It just goes around and around in my head. Why do you think he did it?

      Tamio: [after giving it some thought] The sea has the power to beguile. Back when dad was fishing, he once saw a maborosi - a strange light - far out to sea. Something in it was beckoning to him, he said... It happens to all of us.