Mamma Roma

Mamma Roma

  • Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • Countries of origin: Italy
  • Language: Italian
  • Release date: January 18, 1965
  • Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Мама Рома
  • Mamma Roma is a feature film written and directed by PP Pasolini and starring Anna Magnani and Ettore Garofolo .
    The film tells the story of Mamma Roma who raised her son by working as a prostitute, but the son can't understand her after knowing the truth and embarks on a criminal path   . The film was released in Italy on August 31, 1962.


    • Release date January 18, 1965
    • Filming locations Rome, Lazio, Italy
    • Production companies Arco Film

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    • By Chaz 2022-12-24 09:35:31


      The unbearable past, the birth of the bottom, the Roman mother who used to be a prostitute used three pigs at the wedding of the ex-pimp, crazy words and deeds and strong aggressiveness with the bridegroom and the bride. She thinks that she is freed, the pimp has entered the marriage of the Holy Spirit, and the prostitute can finally embark on the road of whitewashing. At the wedding, the groom's pimp took out white flowers and secretly blessed the Roman mother and her son in the name...

    • By Cecile 2022-11-24 08:10:13

      From Kabylia to Roma Mama

      At the end of "Night of Kabylia", Kabylia walks down the road in the dark night, a group of kind-hearted strangers sing and dance around her, and a black tear falls on her smiling face. A moment of glory like the arrival of an angel.

      But that would not be reality, and the film is also considered the end of Neorealism. At the same time, the scarier reality is that life goes on.

      Director Pasolini is one of the screenwriters...

    • By Dylan 2022-10-20 18:05:28

      feel and gaze

      Pasolini's neo-realism in the 1960s, compared to the works of his predecessors, such as Desica and Visconti, has a looser story structure, and there are a lot of close-ups in photography rather than panorama or long-range scenery rich in mise-en-scene elements. Like "The Beggar", "Mama Roma" also shows us the joys, sorrows and sorrows of the protagonist's daily life like prose. The camera follows the protagonist, and from time to time the focus shifts to the faces of characters that are not...

    • By Justyn 2022-09-23 06:40:46


      Pasolini's early films were heavily influenced by Neorealism. From the theme to the character setting, from the image style to the line design, there is a simple and desolate atmosphere; the attention to the lower-level characters and the continuous deepening of the theme of mother's love fully demonstrate the director's positive attitude towards the tragic life, trying to make the desolate human nature from Freed from a miserable environment. What caught my attention more was the director's...

    • By Franco 2022-09-03 00:40:44

      Pasolini's "Mother of Rome"

      When Fasbender used a title "He is a legend" before, he felt that his experience and career completely matched these four words. Thinking about it now, Pasolini, another legendary figure in film history, should not be happy. Willing to believe that the extracurricular life of these two directors is very exciting, there is no doubt, but these have nothing to do with their work, or you can say that everything other than the film has nothing to do with the film itself - we do not need to...

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    • By Mable 2023-09-10 02:55:45

      9.25/10 The script is good, the characters are full of personalities, the main story is complete, there are no extra emotional plots, but the effect is very good, and the style is strong. Excellent performance, very characteristic. The sense of rhythm is very accurate. The photography is excellent, no matter the light or the lens movement, the coordination of the far, medium and near shots is very reasonable. Those two long shots of walking forward under the street lights in the dark night are...

    • By Roselyn 2023-07-06 00:44:06

      1. The son dances alone in the room, the son drives his mother through the shabby streets, the son is busy working with dishes and bowls, the son's rebellion and growth. A son in the eyes of a mother is always the most worthy of care and love. The two lonely night long mirrors are the infinite tenderness from a mother's love. Roman mother, holy prostitute, belongs only to her son...

    • By Talia 2023-06-28 06:31:42

      [Yihai 2K Restoration Edition] Pasolini's second work is also the warmest and most touching of all his feature films. 1. In addition to the legacy of neorealism (focusing on the tragic life of the low-level civilians, natural light and shooting with thick lines in real scenes), it incorporates striking religious elements, and also inserts paragraphs in the style of Fellini's psychological realism . 2. The wedding banquet is presented in the composition of [The Last Supper] at the beginning, but...

    • By Gloria 2023-06-25 15:24:37

      #2021 Shangyilian Film Festival# Another slice of the bottom world during the Italian Boom economico...

    • By Mossie 2023-06-06 19:11:28

      For a woman, gems, spider silk and tears are equally sublime. They are the double images of happiness that the lover walks on the pilgrimage road to sacrifice, and the roses planted in the swill bucket by the lover. . However, gems are illusory, spider silk is fragile, tears are salty, and the feast in the sky is reserved for gods. Souls born on the earth raised their heads and waited for the leftovers to be...

    Movie plot

    Mamma Roma is a milf prostitute, she has gone through vicissitudes of life to get rid of her lover's entanglement and decided to wash away the beauty and raise her son in the country. Unexpectedly, because his son has not seen her for many years, even if they are reunited, the relationship between the two is still cold. The gambler's lover chased after her again to blackmail her, threatening to tell her son about her scandal of being a...
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    Evaluation action

    Pasolini's Mamma Roma showcases actress Anna Magnani's innate beauty at its most elegant   . (Commented by American musician Thurston Moore) There is nothing novel about the lens language of the film, but the narrative is very clear, simple and realistic, and the "line drawing" technique in literary works is widely used, which is easy to be accepted. A mother improves her son's quality of life by selling herself to help her son live a...
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    Movie quotes

    • Mamma Roma: Biancofiore, since you're doing me one favor, would you do me another?

      Biancofiore: Sure. That's what I do best - favors for people.

      Mamma Roma: My son's got a crush, so to speak, on this crazy girl who looks like a broom in drag. He's never been with a woman before, understand? So, he's hooked, of course.

      Biancofiore: First love.

      Mamma Roma: You have to be his second. You have to make him forget her, even the way she smells. And you know what you're doing.

      Biancofiore: I'll do it.

    • Mamma Roma: Look what a jewel my son is.

      Biancofiore: You'd hang on the cross for him, wouldn't you?

      Mamma Roma: You bet I would. What else is there in life?

    • Mamma Roma: Just wait. Your mother will make you into somebody. You'll be the envy of everyone. You'll like being the young gentleman.

      Ettore: They're all stupid. I can't stand them. They've got some money, so they think they're a big deal.

      Mamma Roma: So now you're a communist? We won't get along if you turn into a comrade and hang around with those losers. You have to think like me!