Marriage Italian Style

Marriage Italian Style

  • Director: Vittorio De Sica
  • Writer: Eduardo De Filippo,Renato Castellani,Tonino Guerra
  • Countries of origin: Italy, France
  • Language: Italian
  • Release date: December 20, 1964
  • Sound mix: Mono
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Hochzeit auf italienisch
  • "Matrimonio all 'italiana" is a romantic comedy film directed by Vittorio De Sica and starring Sofia Villani Scicolone and Marcello Mastroianni . The film was released in Italy on December 18, 1964. 
    The film tells the story of a tortuous emotional experience between married husband Dominic and lover Philomela.


    • Release date December 20, 1964
    • Filming locations Naples, Campania, Italy
    • Production companies Compagnia Cinematografica Champion, Les Films Concordia

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    Movie reviews

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    • By Jewell 2022-12-08 16:58:15

      I'll give you the first full score

      I had hardly heard of Vittorio de Sica before, I went to see Mastroianni and found out he was not the Italian version of RDJ? Same thing. The heroine is really good-looking, she is very flamboyant, but she doesn't hate it at all, she has a temperament like a green baby, especially when the two of them stop there in the final wedding scene, it's perfect!

      In fact, I don't know much about Italian films, that is, Beautiful Life + Pianist at Sea, but I always feel that Italian sounds...

    • By Alivia 2022-12-04 17:42:00

      Italian wedding

      Sophia Loren has always been my aesthetic blind spot when I was a child. When I was a child, I thought this woman with a big mouth was so strange that I never saw a Sophia movie after "Cassandra Bridge". If it weren't for seeing Mastroianni, I'm afraid I wouldn't know the beauty of this woman in my life. I have seen this romantic comedy and I can't laugh it out. A woman's 22-year marriage defense battle has revealed from beginning to end that it is actually the sadness in her heart....

    • By Leonard 2022-09-03 02:52:22

      the director said

      Directed by De Sica and starring Sofia Loren and Marcello Mastroiani, the film is based on De Filippo's Neapolitan-dialect comedy Ferrumeina Marturano. "Adapted.

      Eduardo de Filippo is one of the most influential representatives of Italian drama in the 20th century. He wrote, directed and acted in one. He wrote and performed many comedies in Neapolitan dialect, showing the style of Naples. The joys and sorrows of ordinary Neapolitans.

      The director of the film renamed the...

    • By Larue 2022-08-19 02:26:46

      Italian wedding

      In a feminist film, Dominique, a rich boy who is merciful everywhere, meets Philomena, a humble prostitute. It seems that the male protagonist uses money to control his life, but behind the scenes, the female protagonist uses him to change the fate of himself and even his children. It can be optimistically believed that the female protagonist loves the male protagonist wholeheartedly, gave birth to three children for her, and has a happy ending, or it can be considered that the female...

    • By Wava 2022-07-01 19:53:22

      Marriage and Divorce: A Certainty as a Comedy

      This year's Beijing Film Festival has two very interesting films with very similar names. One is "Italian Marriage" and the other is "Italian Divorce". The two films were shown at the same time. The audience first experienced an ironic "marriage". Immediately afterwards, there was a comical "divorce", and there was a lot of fun in the marriage relationship that was divided and closed.

      Both films are comedies. Just listening to the names will make you mistakenly think that...

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    • By Tiffany 2023-09-08 15:30:35

      The sadness and joy in marriage are memorable. I can't stand this kind of love scene that only one person gives silently. The broken emotional scene in the middle almost made me cry. Roland's acting is really...

    • By Kimberly 2023-07-28 03:31:19

      Is this movie trying to write the struggle history of independent women who can't cry? But in the end, it's still the patriarchal routine where the mother is expensive, isn't she slapped in the...

    • By Krystel 2023-07-16 23:53:54

      This series of Roland starring is too good-looking, what is the psychology of gold medal producer Carlo Ponti? Let you see my charming wife, but the people are...

    • By Candice 2023-07-06 22:11:18

      The amazing De Sica, he really loves all beings under his...

    • By Felipe 2023-06-16 01:39:44

      The three-act narrative is told from the perspectives of different characters, making the story smooth and meaningful. The ups and downs of dramatic conflict and slightly exaggerated humorous dialogue make this somewhat sad story endearing and interesting. The 29-year-old Sophia Roland is a stunner in the world. So beautiful, but her acting skills are...

    Movie plot

    The film tells the story of a twisted relationship between married husband Dominic ( Marcello Mastroianni ) and lover Philomela ( Sofia Villani Scicolone ) . When Dominic was young, he rescued Philomela, a beautiful and moving girl, in an air raid. Encounters on the battlefield brought them together, but Philomela lived a somewhat unknown life and never became his wife. Later, in order to save the increasingly estranged Dominic, she...
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    Movie quotes

    • Filumena Marturano: [getting ready to change her clothes] I'm not wearing any underwear.

      Domenico Soriano: Take it off.

      Filumena Marturano: Turn around.

      Domenico Soriano: Filume'.

      Filumena Marturano: Turn around. - - You're peeking.

      Domenico Soriano: Of course.

    • Filumena Marturano: There's no one here. You brought me here on a day when nobody's here.

      Domenico Soriano: There are no races on Tuesday. But Agnano is much better this way. It's more poetic.

    • Filumena Marturano: Dummi'! Dummi'!

      [races up the stairs and kisses Domenico]

      Domenico Soriano: Are you crazy?


      Filumena Marturano: Yes, I'm crazy. I'm crazy.


      Filumena Marturano: I'm crazy! I'm crazy.