New York, New York

New York, New York

  • Director: Martin Scorsese
  • Writer: Earl Mac Rauch,Mardik Martin
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: June 21, 1977
  • Sound mix: Mono
  • Also known as: New York New York
  • "New York, New York" is a feature film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Liza Minnelli and Robert De Niro . It was released on June 21, 1977.
    The film tells the emotional story of a love-hate relationship between a Saxophone jazz musician and a female singer.


    • Release date June 21, 1977
    • Filming locations New York City, New York, USA
    • Production companies Chartoff-Winkler Productions

    Box office


    $14,000,000 (estimated)

    Gross US & Canada


    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Jamir 2022-03-15 09:01:11

      New York, New York (1977)

      I really can't believe that this movie was made by Martin Scorsese, but it also shows how great he is to try all kinds of genres. In particular, the heroine has a section of Solo, which is very well cut, and there is no sense of splicing. And there's that kind of feel of the musical heyday.

      Some people say that this movie is very similar to "La La Land", I don't agree with it. The characterization of this film is completely different from "La La Land", Mia and Sebastian respect...

    • By Freddie 2022-03-15 08:01:01

      The Sad Love Story of a Popular Singer

      In the 160-plus minutes of the film, I didn't feel at all lengthy, and it was already early morning, and Jimmy's melancholy saxophone was still ringing in my ears. I have some doubts if Jimmy really has this person in the JAZZ music scene. In that studio chart I clearly see that Jimmy's music is No. 1, and the great Charlie Parker and the great Ella Fitzgerald can only succumb to it. Rear. According to some narratives on the comment track, this film has been shot at least once before, maybe...

    • By Lou 2022-03-15 08:01:01

      New York, New York, and all things about it

      No more talking about the movie. From a contemporary perspective, this is a bizarre story, and the fragment of the theory of relativity in the middle also makes people instantly play. This article mainly talks about the theme song.

      The theme song Theme from New York, New York or simply New York, New York, is far more famous than the movie itself, and is regarded as a symbol and anthem of New York in the old era (anthem in the new era is the empire state of...

    • By Freeda 2022-03-15 08:01:01

      New York, New York: A New York Love Story

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      New York, New York (New York, New York) 1977

      This is a Musical, watch this movie because of Glee. One of the songs Glee sang was called "New York, New York". But after watching the movie, I found that the songs are not the same song at all. I checked the information on...

    • By Anais 2022-03-15 08:01:01

      New York, New York

      New York, New York is a 1977 work by Martin Scorsese starring Robert De Niro. The golden duo were both young at the time, but had already collaborated on Mean Streets and Taxi Driver.

      "New York, New York" is a musical. I've said before that I don't like old-fashioned musicals, especially the music and dance sequences that start suddenly. There is such a scene in "New York, New York" that clearly pays homage to old-fashioned musicals, but the style of the whole film is still very...

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    • By Coby 2022-03-27 09:01:21

      Martin Sykesese is not used to this style of play, but De Niro's performance is still wonderful, and the story is a bit mixed in the...

    • By Kallie 2022-03-27 09:01:21

      Music is superb. If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere. New York, New...

    • By Paige 2022-03-27 09:01:21

      Swing big band enlightenment, the effect of a movie is better than half a year of jazz appreciation class... De Niro turned out to be the saxophone that he learned specially for this movie! How long does it take for a novice to learn to improvise and be able to solo? The heroine looks a bit like Jen in IT CROWD, everything else is good but a little...

    • By Kasey 2022-03-27 09:01:21

      Omg! The love for Martin's film has surpassed "Raging Bull". The theme of the jazz musician's story, the most exciting lies in the presentation of various subtle psychology, showing the hidden psychological entanglement over and over again. Made me think a lot about...

    • By Donna 2022-03-27 09:01:21

      163min version. The songs and dances are very entertaining, not too long. There were some problems with the break-in part of the two, but the scene after the reunion was really good. In addition, some comedy colors are also really cute from time to time. Flirting with De Niro, listening to De Niro play the saxophone, what more could you ask...

    Movie plot

    The film is set in the era of big bands in the 1930s. It describes the love-hate relationship between a Saxophone jazz player and a female singer. It is full of confusion and helplessness in life. Brisk and fun. 
    This story is about the choice between men and women in career and family. Husband and wife only talk about love, not career. The wife is an army officer, and the husband is just a bastard, and the two are still married and...
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    Movie quotes

    • Jimmy: Where is she?

      Tony Harwell: Why should I tell you where she is if she doesn't tell you where she is in the letter?

      Jimmy: Then why do you take the time to come out to Brooklyn to give me this letter if you don't think she cares enough about me to let me know where she is, or to let you know to let me know where she is? Doesn't that makes sense to you?

      Tony Harwell: It should, but it don't.

    • Jimmy: Let me ask you something. You got any other advice for me?

      Tony Harwell: Yes. Stay off the junk, and you'll go far.

      Jimmy: Fine. Thanks a lot. Swell of you to say that.

    • [first lines]

      Voice from the Crowd on V-J Day: God bless America! We made it back!