• Director: Lee Chang-dong
  • Countries of origin: South Korea
  • Language: Korean
  • Release date: May 7, 2004
  • Runtime: 2 hours 13 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Оаза
  • "Oasen" is a romantic movie written and directed by Lee Chang-dong and starring Sol Kyung-gu and 문소리 .
    The film tells the love story between a marginal person who has nothing to do after being released from prison and a patient with severe cerebral palsy.
    The film was released in South Korea on August 9, 2002. The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 59th Venice International Film Festival . 


    • Release date May 7, 2004
    • Filming locations Seoul, South Korea
    • Production companies Dream Venture Capital, East Film Company, UniKorea Pictures

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    Movie reviews

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    • By Ericka 2022-09-17 02:16:47

      Oasis in our hearts

      Modern success studies and economics have magnified people's ambition and selfishness. Only by continuous work, competition and "success" can people be praised by relatives and friends and even recognized by the society. Conversely, do not strive for progress = useless kindness = too stupid In modern society, "different people" are always the minority and the weak group. They have no intention of denying the majority, but they are denied by the majority. In Li Cangdong's films, society is...

    • By Kathleen 2022-09-13 14:39:19

      When you see an oasis, you must pass the haze

      That painting is so classic.
      After staying for too long, I stared at the shadow, for a while he was a man who did not look back, for a while he seemed to be a child, smiling, and finally it was dawn, it was actually two lovers hugging each other? !

      In an instant, the movie begins.
      And I, but still indulge in that changeable OASIS.

      Both are vulnerable.
      Not only in the eyes of this society, women's natural faces are too scary, men have bad criminal records,...

    • By Antonette 2022-09-13 12:38:13

      lonely love

      After watching the three works of Li Cangdong's "Oasis", "Miryang" and "Poetry", I didn't like the director very much. Some people describe the mood after watching his movie "on the surface, it is calm, but it is actually turbulent". Just like this "Oasis", it seems to tell a story of a deformed love in a straightforward manner, but it actually contains huge energy, reflecting the current situation of society and showing the ugliness of human nature. It makes you tangled, sighs and even a...

    • By Coralie 2022-09-13 09:11:01

      I just want to write something about the most beautiful love I have seen this year

      (Copy and paste from the public account, no face required)

      In just over a month, 21 years will come to an end.

      In the past year, I have seen too many different emotions of men and women in movies. Like the mad love in "New Bridge Lovers" , the perverted pure love in "Love Exposure" , the struggle in "Night...

    • By Melissa 2022-09-12 22:24:23

      Li Cangdong-style consumerism

       As long as you are not a fool, you must prove your worth. Pasolini said in an interview in 1976: "There is only one system that brings about change, and that is consumerism. It is also the only system that touches all classes and brings a new aggressive posture, because in the consumer society , enterprising spirit is necessary for the individual; and a submissive attitude, such as a taciturn old peasant at the mercy of fate, is of no use today. If a person accepts his outdated, outmoded,...

    User comments

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    • By Lera 2022-09-24 19:06:45

      It makes me want to be a polio patient...

    • By Sam 2022-09-21 08:37:49

      Well, maybe I'm sensitive. The most popular comment, "I'm not as good as a disabled person if someone loves me," is too harsh, heartless, ruthless, and unsympathetic. When can minimize harm become common...

    • By Octavia 2022-09-15 23:00:18

      This is the best one I've seen Lee...

    • By Asha 2022-09-14 03:03:10

      The wonderful performances of Xue Jingqiu and Wen Suli. The most humble life produces the most beautiful flowers. The purest and purest aspect of love is deeply...

    • By Wilbert 2022-07-09 21:00:34

      It's a crime to feel able-bodied and not be able to fall in love with someone after watching...

    Movie plot

    Chung-do ( Sol Kyung-gu ) , who took the blame for his brother, was released from prison, but he had nothing to do. He couldn't adapt to social life, and even if he found a job, he died without a hitch. After he is released from prison, he goes to visit the family of the cleaner who was killed by the crash, and he meets the daughter of the deceased, Gong Soo ( 문소리 ) , who suffers from severe cerebral palsy, and falls in love with her...
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    Evaluation action

    "Oasen" presents two kinds of communication, one is about equality and goes straight to the heart; the other is the boundary between film and reality. (Tencent Entertainment Review)  In addition to critical realism, it adds the theme of love, which makes the reality criticism in the film sharper, more pathetic, and more depressing. (Sina Entertainment Review) 
     "Oasen" is different from ordinary Korean movies, and it doesn't smell...
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