• Director: Bruce Beresford, Thomas Carter, Phillip Noyce, Mario Van Peebles
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: Mandingo, English
  • Release date: May 30, 2016
  • Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD
  • Also known as: 尋根
  • The American History Channel plans to remake the American Broadcasting Corporation, Inc 's 1977 classic " Roots ".


    • Release date May 30, 2016
    • Filming locations St. Francisville, Louisiana, USA
    • Production companies Film Afrika Worldwide, History Channel, The Wolper Organization

    Movie reviews

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    • By Tyrese 2022-07-18 19:58:46

      How long is the road to freedom

      The end of the second episode had me in tears. In the majestic and vast music of Africa, witness the inheritance and changes of the Quint family, generation after generation, from youth to middle age to old age, the pain of being enslaved, the regret of loss, and how long the road to freedom is. The beliefs of ancestors flowed deeply into the blood of each generation of the Quint family. Although the body is imprisoned, but remember your name, your soul is free. In fact, how many people in...

    • By Lane 2022-07-18 19:35:19

      "I never wanted to be your kind!"

      Very very exciting. It is a very moving and deeply moving story. The kind of destruction and abuse of human nature is still unfamiliar to us today, but it is rare for us to see the desperate struggle of black slaves to maintain their self-esteem and personality in the play. It is admirable for a slave to live hopelessly in the same condition as a beast and yet still manage to retain a sense of honor and a lofty spirit.
              Twice in the play, a white man says to a black slave with...

    • By Mercedes 2022-07-18 18:52:03

      Black men in America, dissatisfied with racism, kidnap white women for education, forced to watch slave documentaries

      According to the "Daily Mail" report on February 18, an African-American black man, dissatisfied with racial discrimination, deliberately kidnapped a white woman and forced her to watch the 9-hour slavery documentary "Roots". in order to make her aware of her racism. The man, named Robert Noyes, is 52 years old. On Monday, Cedar Rapids police arrested Noyce on charges of first-degree harassment and unlawful detention.

    • By Norval 2022-07-18 16:19:44

      living characters

      The play consists of just a few episodes and tells the story of almost four generations fighting for freedom. Every generation, every character is very delicately portrayed. The most impressive among them are Quinta, Guisey and George.

      Kunta's existence in the play is more like a god. The characteristics of God are creation and protection. Kunta came from Africa, not only with a new blood, but with a spirit, the so-called warrior. This spirit seems to have become a symbol in...

    • By Allen 2022-07-18 15:47:55

      Another history of black blood and tears

      A film with the same theme as Twelve Years a Slave.

      When kunta was sold to the United States, at the beginning, the coachman who made soy sauce was actually the butler of Enano in Black Sail. Has anyone noticed? . .

      The first generation of juffury in Nigeria, the second generation of kunta, was trafficked to the United States as slaves. . . In the fourth generation, a white and black chicken jorge was born. In the fifth generation, his son black smith and his father...

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    • By Destin 2022-12-01 12:01:18

      It takes a lot of courage to read it, and it takes more courage to read the book. I really can't accept such cruelty. After reading it, I don't want racial...

    • By Ambrose 2022-11-12 03:21:20

      The history of blood and tears of the...

    • By Alexzander 2022-11-08 16:31:18

      The first two episodes were pretty good, the third one started to drop, and the last one fell off the mark, so it's still worth...

    • By Francisca 2022-10-29 10:03:57

      Abandoning the distant and peaceful lyrical part in the first half of the original work (but that is a necessary foreshadowing to compare the violent conflict in the second half), I kept creating conflicts to advance the plot, and it took 30 minutes to finish two-fifths of the original work, focusing on the whole drama. in the American slave section. This is so beautiful. I don't intend to make a sketch of this humble Gambian jungle tribe in 1750. It's brand new, and then I'm rushing to tell a...

    • By Cale 2022-10-25 19:18:03

      My Mom is voiced in French. . I'm going...

    Movie plot

    According to foreign media reports, the family history novel "Roots" written by black author Alex Haley in 1976 tells the story of a black man who was captured by white slave traders from the west coast of Africa to North America as a slave and lived as a free man in Africa. , and his and his descendants' ordeal under American slavery, including the family's experience after they were freed. This novel caused a huge sensation in the...
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