Santa Claus Is a Stinker

Santa Claus Is a Stinker

  • Director: Jean-Marie Poiré
  • Writer: Josiane Balasko,Marie-Anne Chazel,Christian Clavie
  • Countries of origin: France
  • Language: French
  • Release date: December 28, 2011
  • Runtime: 1 hour 28 minutes
  • Sound mix: Mono
  • Aspect ratio: 1.66 : 1
  • Also known as: Da graust sich ja der Weihnachtsmann
  • "Santa Claus Is a Stinker" is a comedy film directed by Jean-Marie Poiré and starring Janimoni and Josien Barsco.
    The film tells the stories of different people during Christmas.


    • Release date December 28, 2011
    • Production companies Trinacra Films

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    • By Ayden 2022-10-24 23:23:09

      classic french new year film

      This old movie is playing on TV tonight, a must-have program before Christmas every year.

      This is actually a so-called Lunar New Year film. It is a comedy that can be enjoyed by both the refined and the popular. Through the Christmas Eve experience of the "Friendship SOS" association duty staff, it tells the stories of different people during Christmas, especially the relationship between people. The plot is sometimes vulgar to the point of intolerance, but it does not in any way...

    • By Luciano 2022-10-24 23:17:36

      "Useless Santa"

             Black humor is about finding a seemingly orderly but absurd world through a certain angle, making us laugh, and then leading us to think: Is this life? How far is the distance between rationality and absurdity? Replacing a patient's full urine bottle with a finished saline bottle and recirculating ("Catch 22"), the police spend their lives catching criminals at night As a lawyer, Bai Tian tried his best to defend him and won the case ("A Lump of Cheating"), the human body structure is...

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    • By Christy 2023-05-16 22:51:45

      Very dark and crazy and neurotic, Le Splendid,...

    • By Coby 2023-05-15 06:53:12

      Quel pays... Y a pas de...

    • By Gennaro 2023-04-27 06:00:00

      It's an absolute French cult movie. I don't think it's too funny. The teacher said that this is a movie that all French people have seen and can memorize the lines. The lens is not as clever as the scene selection of the current French film, but the perspective of the rabbit has made people feel that there are clues, but I feel that there are some clues laid down that seem to be forgotten, there should be more things breaking...

    • By Ryder 2023-04-17 06:32:12

      Watching the movie for half an hour is lackluster. In fact, we can still understand this difference in ratings, we can't find the fun of it, just like the French (foreign) audience can't understand our nonsensical...

    • By Eddie 2023-04-02 06:25:55

      In the 22nd minute, I resolutely decided to...

    Movie quotes

    • Zézette: Eh, Pierre ! Y a un monsieur très malpoli qu'a téléphoné, y voulait enculer Therèse !

      Pierre Mortez: Oui mais cest un ami.

      Zézette: Ah bah ça va alors.