Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

  • Director: Sam Raimi
  • Writer: Stan Lee,Steve Ditko,Alfred Gough
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English, Russian, Chinese
  • Release date: June 30, 2004
  • Runtime: 2h 7min
  • Sound mix: DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos
  • Aspect ratio: 2.39 : 1
  • Also known as: Spider-Man 2 Lives
  • "Spider-Man2" is an American superhero movie released on June 30, 2004. The film is the sequel to the 2002 movie " Spider-Man ", adapted from the Marvel comic of the same name, directed by Sam Raimi , written by Alvin Sargent , Tobey Maguire , Kirsten Caroline Dunst , James Franco , Alfred Molina , Rosemary Starring Harris and Donna Murphy .
    The film tells that two years after the Spider-Man incident, Peter encountered difficulties in handling his private life and Spider-Man role, which affected his civilian life. At the same time, he has to face the powerful threat posed by the "Doctor Octopus" who was controlled by evil due to the failure of the experiment   .


    • Release date June 30, 2004
    • Filming locations Spring Street Towers - 650 S. Spring Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
    • Production companies Columbia Pictures, Marvel Enterprises, Laura Ziskin Productions

    Box office


    $200,000,000 (estimated)

    Gross US & Canada


    Opening weekend US & Canada


    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Lola 2022-04-23 07:01:02


      Isn't this the best old boss ever....suicide...
      so it's so heartbreaking to see Professor Zhan's tangled face, when the professor pulled off the Spider-Man mask and called Peter... ..Wow, it's so uncomfortable... Really, the most sad thing in Spider-Man is not Peter but Harry...
      Seeing the look in Kiki's eyes at the end, I know there will definitely be a third part = =. In fact, I quite like MJ's character. The final ending is a bit puppy blood, but I am still very happy and happy to...

    • By Dusty 2022-04-23 07:01:02

      Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man 2 (2004) A moving line Hero

      You will never guess what he wants to be, the spider man.
      He knows a hero when he sees one. Too few characters out there, flying around like that, saving old girls like me.
      And Lord knows, kids like Henry need a hero . Courageous, self-sacrificing people. Setting examples for all of us.
      Everybody loves a hero. People line up for them, cheer them, scream their names. And years later, they'll tell how they stood in the rain for hours just to get a glimpse of the one who taught them...

    • By Melissa 2022-04-23 07:01:02

      Spiderman 2

      Being a hero is always busy,
      delivering meals, being late for homework, being late for photos, life embarrassed,
      emotionally lonely, difficult to open up to the girl you like, always being an empty seat
      , no one caring, powerless, being suspected by good friends The life that is completely out of state is exhausted, and I begin to gradually doubt the life creed
      that Ben Shu has given him, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Is this how
      he decided to...

    • By Clay 2022-04-23 07:01:02

      failed man

      When I watch superhero movies, what I want to see is the dazzling special effects, the violent scenes, the exhilaration of happiness and hatred. It's a pity that this Spider-Man is really a failed man. Not to mention poverty, he is timid and has no spirit. He looks forward to the future, his life is a mess, and it is not enough to watch. Originally a poor diaosi, hey, I really can't ask for too much. Coupled with the super ugly heroine, this superhero movie has no sense of viewing.

    • By Darian 2022-04-22 07:01:02

      lonely hero

      Spider-Man watching over dinner.

      It's a humorous yet sensational film, although I can't really remember if I saw the first one.

      Let me talk about a few shots that moved me:

      Peter threw Spider-Man's clothes into the trash can, turned around and left the lonely figure, the lens gradually blurred, and my vision gradually blurred. For the sake of justice, we must give up what we love. too difficult.

      Peter changed himself for love. He was no longer a spider...

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    • By Jacklyn 2023-09-14 15:07:11

      Compared with the first one, it has improved a lot, and the clothes are much better. But it feels a bit...

    • By Tatyana 2023-08-22 14:16:13

      One of the reasons I like Spider-Man is his normal personality. In addition, the characteristics of Spider-Man flying over the eaves and walls make the visual effects of this series very...

    • By Nona 2023-08-11 02:47:31

      The design of the monster resembles an octopus. ....

    • By Roger 2023-07-16 00:11:23

      Oops, I just saw a lot of love. James Franco is so...

    • By Betty 2023-07-06 06:17:58

      Short oil, it's a primary school...

    Movie plot

    After the first episode of the battle against the Green Demon, the gentle-tempered Peter Parker ( Toby Maguire ) endured heartache and rejected his only beloved Mary Jane Watson ( Christine Dunst ) , Decided to shoulder the responsibility of being a "Spiderman" with his thin arms. For two years, Peter has been busy coping with the new challenges that followed. First, he has to learn to use his superpowers freely; second, he has to...
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    Behind the scenes

    Director Sam Remy signed a contract for the sequel one month before the first "Spider-Man" was released.
    The film was filmed before the script was completed.
    Robert De Niro, Sam Neal, Ed Harris and Chris Cooper were all candidates to play Doctor Octopus.
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    Creative background

    "Spider-Man", released in the summer of 2002, had a global box office of approximately US$800 million, making it the fifth best film in American film history. "Spider-Man" is based on the comic "Spider-Man" published in Marvel Comics in 1962, drawn by Steve Dick and compiled by Stan Lee.
    A sequel to "Spider-Man" is imperative, and Sam Remy feels the responsibility to continue the passion of hardcore fans. The artists of "Marvel Comics"...
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    New York City

    Filming began in New York on April 12, 2003, and shot in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens for nearly three weeks. More real buildings and streets have appeared in the film, and technological development has allowed visual effect designers and graphic designers to better combine real buildings and CG buildings.
    Even when shooting on-site in New York City, director Remy is still dissatisfied with the status quo. He hopes to present the New...
    more about Spider-Man 2 New York City

    Special effects and props

    Apart from playing Doctor Octopus well, Alfred Molina also has to learn to get along with the four mechanical tentacles. The tentacles of Dr. Octopus are exquisite and delicate, but this also means that Molina has to adjust all his movements and postures as Dr. Octopus. Molina, Remy, and the puppeteers and designers of Edge FX software company rehearsed for several months together, and finally researched out the complicated trajectory...
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    Evaluation action

    The key to sci-fi comic movies seeking a breakthrough lies in the "thrilling confrontation of the forces of good and evil" and the "magical application of movie special effects", which are fully demonstrated in "Spider-Man 2".
    The fight between "Doctor Octopus" and "Spiderman" must be thrilling, which puts higher demands on movie special effects. The film allows the audience to focus on the three main scenes where the two met on a...
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    Movie quotes

    • J. Jonah Jameson: I'll give you $150.00 for all of them!

      Peter Parker: $300.00.

      J. Jonah Jameson: That's outrageous! Done. Give this to the girl.

    • [last lines]

      Mary Jane Watson: Go get 'em, tiger.

    • Spider-Man: Where is she?

      Dr. Otto Octavius: Oh, she'll be just fine.

      [signalling for Spider-Man to come closer]

      Dr. Otto Octavius: Let's talk.

      [they fight]