• Director:
  • Countries of origin: Japan
  • Language: Japanese, English
  • Release date: April 6, 2011
  • Sound mix: Stereo
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD
  • Also known as: Брама;Штейна
  • "Steins; Gate" (Steins; Gate, シュタインズ・ゲート) is an animation work based on the game of the same name produced by 5pb. It was produced by Japanese animation companyホワイトフォックス. It was broadcast on April 5, 2011, all 24 Words, plus 1 episode SP included in the 9th volume of the DVD.
    The theatrical version of " STEINS; GATE Load Field " was released in Japan on April 20, 2013. 
    The beta world line sequel " Steins;Gate 0 " was launched in April 2018. 


    • Release date April 6, 2011
    • Filming locations Chicago Illinois, USA
    • Production companies Frontier Works, Future Gadget Lab

    Movie reviews

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    • By Jerel 2022-05-25 23:56:45

      I was so stupid that I jumped to the conclusion at first

      To see if the fifth is still incomprehensible and think I really have no reason to read on because this sucker too far wrong almost missed a rare moment of good drama

      first pit father chilling cycle ancestor set aside not to discuss this If the play is compared with Madoka, I think it's a win (well, maybe the word victory is used to arouse public outrage, then I think the former TV narrative is inferior to the plot), it does not require much consideration. There have always been...

    • By Sherman 2022-05-25 23:00:25

      Let’s explore rationally the point that I’m not very good at.

      As the title.

      1. The foundation
      of the theory of space-time shuttle is the cornerstone of all the development of this show, and it is also one of the main reasons for countless fans to make it a god. This seemingly novel theory of space-time, I just watched the animation, and I felt completely unclear.
      First of all, the animation said that this theory is based on quantum mechanics, relativity and m-theory. The moments when these three come out, for me sitting in front of the...

    • By Isom 2022-05-25 19:22:40

      I traverse countless world lines just to guard the agreement with you...


      October new show Robotics; Notes will also meet with you!
      It’s been a long time since I wrote a new comment. Everyone will spit out with me when the time comes~

      It was purely accidental to watch this film. When it was about to end, Station B suddenly set off. There was a wave of craze for topping the stone gate. I clicked into the Xinfan District many times and I was in the top three positions. I am curious why this is the case....

    • By Geovanni 2022-05-25 16:28:09

      Butterfly Effect + 12 Monkeys + Back to the Future + Groundhog Day + 50 First Loves

      This anime about time travel visually involves the main arguments of "Butterfly Effect", "12 Monkeys", "Back to the Future", and some elements similar to "Groundhog Day" and "50 First Loves". I don't have deep contact with the second dimension, so I won't talk about the Ermeng harem and other things in the human settings, but I will talk about the context of time travel that I understand.

    • By Delmer 2022-05-25 11:50:39

      Don Quixote who challenges the windmill

      According to my standards, Steins;Gate's animation production level can reach about three and a half, but it still scored five stars, which can be regarded as a tribute to the production team.

      I can be very responsible to say that the foundation of animation and the game are completely different. Even if the plot is the same, they are two completely different things.

      From BGM to coloring to person setting to background, the animation is gloomy and messy. With the color and...

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    • By Theron 2022-05-25 23:37:28

      I am an arrogant scientific maniac. The Phoenix Academy is fierce! ! Oh ha ha ha ha ha ha! ! Makise Red Riki! ! ! Dudulu!...

    • By Destany 2022-05-25 20:33:22

      Two episodes, don't understand, give...

    • By Drake 2022-05-25 18:31:04

      If you can't stand it before, you must stick to episode 13. After 13 episodes, I will decide whether to abandon the fan~~~ The latter is too exciting. . The confession is touching, the process is tormenting, and the ending is perfect~~\(^o^)/~【But, I still hope that Dudulu and the hero are a pair. ....

    • By Gilberto 2022-05-25 10:27:10

      この俺、狂気のマッドサイエンティストである凤凰院復真は、"Organization" and びSERNのあらゆる攻撃に対しと、时间空、を手め胜をのしのしのしんしのでをのしんししのああらあらゆる攻撃に対しと,时间空でを操め胜!The world’s dominance structure...

    • By Virgil 2022-05-25 10:12:59

      After episode 12, the climax begins, and there are so many...

    Movie plot

    The stage is Akihabara in the summer of 2010.
    A college student who couldn't get rid of secondary disease, Rentaro Okabe, established the "Future Props Research Institute" and produced inventions of unknown purpose every day. However, one day, accidentally invented a time machine that could send electronic messages to the past.
    Can't restrain the excitement of the invention of the century, and continue to interfere with the past purely...
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    Movie quotes

    • Rintarou Okabe: I'm the great mad scientist, Hououin Kyoma!

    • Rintarou Okabe: No one knows what the future holds, that's why its potential is infinite.

    • Rintarou Okabe: I won't let you go. I won't let anyone take you. You're my hostage now. My guinea pig! There is no escaping me!