The Great War and Modern Memory

The Great War and Modern Memory

  • Director: Jeremy Saulnier
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: January 13, 2019
  • Runtime: 59 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78 : 1
  • "True Detective Season 3" is an American drama co- written by David Michie and Nic Pizzolatto  . Starring Mahershala Ali , Stephen Dorff , Carmen Ejogo , Sarah Gadon , Mary Willa Gummer and more   .
    The play mainly tells the story of a mysterious death that took place in the Ozark area of ​​the United States for more than ten years. The season premiered in the United States on January 13, 2019.


    • Release date January 13, 2019
    • Filming locations 903 S Janelle Ave, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

    Movie reviews

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    • By Brenda 2022-09-20 09:10:55

      The pursuit of truth is worthless - True Detective

      What people want is never the truth, all people want is a story, a story that can tell all the mysteries. The police are satisfied with the story: the case is over, justice is announced, and everyone is happy; the media is satisfied with the story: the big news, the city is full of upheaval, and the writer is satisfied with the story: there must be details, it is determined to be the truth, and the thinking is sublimated.

      Stories are never the...

    • By Uriel 2022-09-13 04:26:47

      True Detective S03E06: The Forgotten Children

      You should write a book about what's going on with the kids here, what's going on with the girls here.

      1980: Wayne and Emilia after the shootout

      The opening scene follows from the previous episode after the shootout at the Woodard's house and after...

    • By Jadon 2022-09-09 18:38:17

      Search and regret in a mediocre life

      In the public evaluation, the 2 and 3 of this series have been unsatisfactory. Many people are still immersed in the atmosphere of the first season's masterpiece, and they disagree with the mediocre characters in the second season and the narrative of the magic stick in the third season. But I prefer the last two seasons instead.

      The third season returns to the "two-hero mode" of the first season, telling the case-handling process of two police detectives with very different...

    • By Rebekah 2022-09-02 21:16:00

      On how to plagiarize yourself and still not plagiarize

      The first season of True Detective is still unsurpassable - a divine drama is a divine drama, and even the author himself has not reached the heights he once had. The King in Yellow may have directly manipulated the brain of screenwriter Nick Pizzolatto, which inspired him to write the first season such a masterpiece with perfect narrative, rhythm, characters, and atmosphere; now that the power is gone, Pizzo Lato is plagiarism and can make mistakes.

      By Mortimer 2022-08-21 16:15:12

      True Detective S03E01: The Invisible Full Moon

      Tell me a story The name of the story is "Time"

      After a lapse of 3 and a half years, the former crime drama "True Detective" has returned with great ambition in the third season. Two episodes have been shown, and the beginning is good (not Shang Jia). It is a suspense drama worth subscribing to in the near future. In the next three weeks, I will share with you this drama with rich details and excellent narrative, and I also look...

    User comments

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    • By Sam 2022-09-13 10:07:45

      abandoned. It's better to follow the soap opera's filming, making so many bells and whistles that drag the rhythm. It's not that it's bad, but the surrounding environment doesn't give him the perfect material to express slowly, like / is a song / forcibly /news/lines/modern...

    • By Raleigh 2022-09-13 06:50:24

      Why is True Detective considered classical? To paraphrase Auden: A typical murder always offends God and community (Ali's race in this show complicates this structure). So detectives (constantly) take over for defunct victims and become the beasts of the case for decades. The True Detective series' focus on the environment (including race) is rarely comparable, as in Chandler's novels; the dialectical relationship between innocence and crime is discussed with three-line development, the ethics...

    • By Carli 2022-09-10 11:07:26

      1. The feeling of being fooled for 8 episodes in the end; 2. I don't like the method of jumping and interspersing three timelines to create suspense; 3. I really don't like the heroine's style, the male lead's grinding, good makeup or special effects, play me Kudos to Tom and Roland only. 4. Really, I just want to see a real detective drama. . . Can't help being...

    • By Marcos 2022-07-20 20:45:38

      See the main creator and book the series with five stars. Back in the foggy wasteland and broken homes, the straw dolls tied by hands are like antlers in the first season. The ambitious three timelines are too surprising to know what Rust and Marty are like at...

    • By Eugenia 2022-07-20 19:48:53

      Niubi flew! Although it can't surpass the first season, it has reached a flat level, and can be immersed in the turbulent atmosphere, enjoying these 8...

    Movie plot

    A case that spans 35 years can be grand enough to have far-reaching significance. The two detectives are inspired by the burning flames, thinking that behind the missing Purcell girl was an unfathomable child trafficking network. The pink room seems to be related to pedophilia. The corpse of the Purcell boy found in the cave with his hands crossed in a prayer position, or involved in cults and mysticism. To make the quest more...
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    Movie quotes

    • Detective Roland West: [about going to a whorehouse] It's more honest than most relationships.

    • Detective Roland West: I'm a feminist... They want to sell me a piece of ass, they got the right... Shit. You're gonna pay for it one way or another.

    • Detective Roland West: Foxes are predatory vermin, son. Farmers, I was little, they gave you a dollar, you kill a fox.

      Detective Wayne Hays: I'll give you a dollar for lettin' it go.