The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch

  • Director:
  • Countries of origin: South Korea
  • Language: Korean
  • Release date: April 17, 2020
  • Runtime: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Also known as: The King: Monarch of Eternity
  • "The King: Eternal Monarch" is directed by Sang-hoon Baek and Jung Ji -hyun, written by Kim Eun-sook , starring Lee MinHo , Kim Go Eun , Woo Do Hwan , KIM KYUNG NAM , 정은채 .
    The play is based on "parallel worlds", and tells the story of Li Gun , the emperor of the Korean Empire, who wants to close the door of the dimension , and Zheng Taiyi, the criminal policeman of the Republic of Korea, who wants to protect his friends and love. A series of stories that happened with help   .
    The drama premiered on SBS TV in South Korea on April 17, 2020   .


    • Release date April 17, 2020
    • Filming locations Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul, South Korea
    • Production companies Hwa and Dam Pictures, Studio Dragon

    Movie reviews

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    • By Kirk 2022-09-27 09:22:10

      The end of the flower, the perfect ending

      Finally, "The King: Eternal Monarch", which lasted less than two months, ushered in the finale.

      First of all congratulations, the end of the flower!

      In my opinion, the finale of this drama, which has been controversial since its inception, is at least personally satisfying.

      I won't give an overview of the whole drama here. If you are interested, you can go and see it yourself. I believe you...

    • By Tracy 2022-09-26 05:49:03

      Nine and ten episodes analysis

      After watching the tenth episode of the live broadcast and finishing the updated Chinese characters, I once again felt that I was beaten on the head with a stick.

      After the end of the male third part at the beginning, when it comes to the scene where the two people meet in the bamboo forest, I really want to ask if this editing method really intends to break the jar and break it?

      And I almost swayed my comment. I...

    • By Floy 2022-09-19 08:58:22

      11 episodes plot analysis

      At the beginning of episode 11, the male policeman was ordered by Li Gong to find Luna. There was an accident on the road, and Luna was hit. This was all arranged by Li Lin, and Li Gong should have known that the male policeman had failed. The replaced subordinates had a hunch that Taiyi was in danger, and added a phone message to get the location and came to rescue Taiyi.

      1. When Luna and Li Lin played against each other, it could...

    • By Emery 2022-09-12 13:00:28

      "The King: Eternal Monarch" episodes 11-12, sad foreboding

      Before 10 episodes, it was easy to enjoy the fun of watching the drama and solving puzzles. The story is coming to an end, but it makes people feel more and more unable to relax.

      "In the end, he called me with my father's blood and angered me with my cousin's blood"

      He finished his father's national...

    • By Andreanne 2022-09-12 08:25:28

      13 Episode Review Analysis - Appropriate Conjecture

      Well, I admit, Jinbian is a real bull. The 13 episodes have solved most of our previous doubts and speculations, and they are logical and intricate. In the progress of the plot and in the love of Gong Yi, there is a certain The sparking confrontation between the Prime Minister and Li Lin solved all the problems. It did not reduce the urgency of the plot at all. There was still a hint of sweetness in the tension. The best part is that there are only three episodes left....

    User comments

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    • By Uriah 2022-09-22 20:09:09

      This script is tailor-made for Lee Min Ho, and the title of the film also coincides with "The Return of the King". But the standard is too general. The setting of the parallel world is to create a sense of collision and fantasy. The prince rode a white horse into the real world; the girl was at a loss, but the prince had found her and loved her for many years. Nothing but...

    • By Alverta 2022-09-19 05:03:30

      I just watched the first episode, and I feel that there is still a lot of foreshadowing, and it also gave me a general understanding of the plot. In the first episode, the male protagonist's appearances in ancient costumes, riding costumes, yacht costumes, etc. are all very handsome, and their appearance is too high! The costumes of the first episode are still great, and there are many scenes. Of course the acting is amazing too! Suddenly raising his hand, suddenly approaching Ying, suddenly...

    • By Ferne 2022-07-12 23:07:33

      Good-looking, good-looking, good-looking! ! ! ! Lee Min Ho is really good at it! ! ! !...

    • By Douglas 2022-07-12 22:49:31

      Lee Gon's heart is hot and his surface is cold. Lee Min Ho's firm eyes and deep voice interpretation fully demonstrate the majesty of being a king, and when he meets Tae Yi, he only expresses his sincerity through a simple hug. Come out, coupled with the beautiful ost, it's really...

    • By Davonte 2022-07-12 16:12:53

      Lee Min Ho's lines made my heart flutter! !...

    Movie plot

    In 1994, in the winter of the Korean Empire, the golden prince Li Lin ( played by Lee Jung Jin ) rebelled in order to seize the "Wanbo Sidi". That night, the flute was cut in half, and Li Lin took half of it and opened the parallel. door to the world. Twenty-five years later, Li Gun ( Lee MinHo ) , who owns the other half of the flute , came to the Republic of Korea after chasing a pocket watch rabbit and accidentally entered the gate...
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    Behind the scenes gags

    Lee MinHo has been working hard to figure out the character since before filming started in October 2019. In order to express the character and weight of the emperor's character, Lee MinHo has conducted a long and meticulous study on the outside and inside of the tone, voice, breathing, clothing, posture and so on   .
    In order to match the setting of a perfect monarch with both civil and military skills, Lee MinHo also personally...
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