The Mosquito Coast

The Mosquito Coast

  • Director: Rupert Wyatt, Clare Kilner
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: April 30, 2021
  • Runtime: 1 hour
  • Aspect ratio: 2.00 : 1
  • Also known as: Берег москітів
  • The Mosquito Coast is directed by Rupert Wyatt and stars Justin Theroux, Gabriel Bateman, Melissa George, Logan Boris, Kimberly Elise American TV show.


    • Release date April 30, 2021
    • Filming locations Piru, California, USA
    • Production companies Fremantle, Redrum, Veritas Entertainment Group

    Movie reviews

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    • By Anibal 2022-09-21 23:29:49

      Premium series consistently aligned with Apple's values ​​and production concepts

      I've always been a dual subscriber of atv+ and Netflix, so I can't help but talk about atv+ before talking about this show

      Apple has always been "boutique" and "differentiation", although the number is far less than that of netflix, and it does not have as many super IPs as Disney+, and Apple does not purchase a lot of content to recharge. However, atv+ has always implemented "topics that conform to Apple's values", "production of conscience",...

    • By Gus 2022-09-21 18:41:54

      Utopia or Frustrated Dictator

      The utopia I thought was something like Captain Marvel, completely back to nature, but the utopia in this film currently looks more like a fanatical extreme dictator using his family's love for himself to control them and drag them to death Uncertain road. The male protagonist extremely hates modern civilization, is ashamed of consumerism, and longs to live a self-sufficient life. All these are personal choices, but his image in the film is more like a paranoid dictator with a strong...

    • By Raleigh 2022-09-21 15:22:31

      A new generation of Mosquito Coast

      2021's "Mosquito Coast" already has several elements of a so-called explosive TV product: suspense, tight rhythm, new camera angles and tones, etc. Aside from these external appearances, the core has not been revealed much. I am often confused. Except for the personality of the male protagonist, the admiration of the son, and the unconditional trust and love of the wife, there is no better explanation. , In the process, I saw a group of Mexicans smuggling to the United States, and I was...

    • By Rickey 2022-09-21 14:50:01

      The male protagonist is the protagonist of the niche American drama "Watching the World"

      It is estimated that few people know this male lead, but the acting is still good. . I just watched an episode where a few big holes were dug. I feel that the male protagonist should have been an important person before, and then he went into incognito because of certain things, and was hiding something with his family. According to the routine, it should be discovered first, then evaded, hunted down, and then counterattacked. The reason why I watch this American drama is...

    • By Alexzander 2022-09-21 14:30:03

      This drama is produced by apple tv itself is a satire

      Digression: I carefully looked at the films that the male protagonist has acted in; there is actually sex and the city! As a big fan of Sex and the City, I thought about it carefully. Still can't remember anything! In the end, I finally found a photo of him on the Internet, but I still have no impression. Maybe it's still not enough acting? Ha ha ha ha

      Another masterpiece from apple tv. Should have cost a lot of money. In some of the plots in...

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    • By Lacy 2023-04-13 07:38:42

      The atmosphere of the escape was...

    • By Daron 2023-04-10 17:53:00

      The attitude of the mother and daughter swayed throughout the whole process, and the next season hopes to see a more fierce resistance to patriarchy. The son's transformation is a bit abrupt, and it can be paved...

    • By Antwan 2023-03-25 01:41:09

      This show is so much more than...

    • By Immanuel 2023-03-16 06:29:27

      What subject? A cool article against commercial civilization? As everyone knows, it is still a kind of venting feeling for the bottom layer. Isn't it as cool as the porcelain dragon...

    • By Grady 2023-01-06 00:33:15

      There's still one episode left, and I'm still watching Lonely, you run after me, I don't know...