The Trap

The Trap

  • Director: Srdan Golubovic
  • Writer: Srdan Golubovic,Melina Pota Koljevic,Srdjan Koljev
  • Countries of origin: Serbia, Germany, Hungary
  • Language: Serbian, English
  • Release date: September 13, 2007
  • Runtime: 1 hour 46 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: La trampa
  • "The Trap" is a crime film directed by Srdan Golubovic, starring Nebojsa Glogovac and Natasa Ninkovic.
    The film tells the story of parents who can't afford their children's high surgical and medical expenses. At this time, someone is willing to pay for their children's treatment, but on the condition that they kill someone for him.


    • Release date September 13, 2007
    • Filming locations Belgrade, Serbia
    • Production companies Eurimages, Film House Bas Celik, Mediopolis Film- und Fernsehproduktion

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    • By Elouise 2022-10-24 22:30:06

      East and West understanding and plot questions

      Klopka (Perfectly Trapped) is a story about being forced to commit a murder.
      Men and women can't afford their son's medical and surgical expenses with all their might, and his son's life is at stake... The loan was rejected, and there was no effective response to seeking help from the media. The father was forced to take risks and kill for commission. ....actually the employer is bankrupt, and completing the killer's mission doesn't mean getting life-saving money. But the...

    • By Diego 2022-10-24 17:46:58

      Are you caught in the trap of life?

      This story is about murder, and this murder is not thrilling, but rather heavy. The heaviness is that the audience has seen too many social problems and the sense of powerlessness brought about by these problems. Perhaps many people are in such a state. Such stories are played out in different ways every day in every country.
            In the film, the little boy always wears dark red clothes. From the beginning to the end, perhaps the red color here represents some kind of foreshadowing or...

    • By Stuart 2022-10-24 16:44:04

      Despicable life, the capital of the wicked, you are not alone

          Marija said I went to tutor and everything in his house was worth more than Nemanja's life. The humble life can only realize that the usual self-satisfaction is just a mirror image when a crisis occurs. We have always emphasized that money is not the whole of life, but life without money is like a house without foundation. There is no difference except for small dots and villas, but God forbid, it will not happen, even if an earthquake of magnitude 0.1 occurs.
          People say that...

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    • By Jess 2023-05-25 05:59:29

      wading in muddy...

    • By Gaetano 2023-05-17 07:11:01

      Exquisite tangled film...

    • By Leonel 2023-04-18 17:18:24

      "If life is like a movie, it can be restarted at a place where it is frozen, how...

    • By Haven 2023-04-06 02:14:21

      So it's not...

    • By Alexane 2023-03-26 23:32:42

      5 years ago, I thought it was a wonderful story, but now I think it is very...

    Movie plot

    Middle-aged man Milden (Nebojsa Glogovac) has a perfectly happy family, but a disaster hits the family hard. Milden's lovable son Nemanja (Marko Djurovic) is diagnosed with a serious heart condition, but the high cost of the operation has troubled the couple. In the midst of a recession, Milden's company was on the brink of collapse, and banks refused to provide mortgages. The boy's mother, Maria (Natasa Ninkovic), has no choice but to...
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