The War at Home

The War at Home

  • Director:
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: September 11, 2005
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Sound mix: Stereo
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33 : 1
  • Also known as: La guerra en casa
  • "The War At Home" is America's situation comedy . David and Vicky have three children, and now they have entered the most troublesome youth rebellious period. When David and Vicky were young, they grew up smoothly without any distraction from their parents. They thought raising their children would be a very relaxing and pleasant thing, but they thought that they should be honest and obedient every day, and don't go around causing trouble. became a tough war


    • Release date September 11, 2005
    • Filming locations Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
    • Production companies Rob Lotterstein Productions, Acme Productions, Warner Bros. Television

    Movie reviews

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    • By Camryn 2022-09-16 18:28:49

      Alternative Parents

      Most of the sitcom parents I have watched are very loving and hard-working, but this one is different, they often want to strike.

      The same is true, if the restaurant food is not good, you can return it, but if you have children, you cannot return it. Can you say: "Waiter, my daughter is too hot and not sweet enough, I don't remember on the menu that the eldest son will be male or female, my youngest son, I didn't ask you to give it to me"?

      If the parents win, it is a...

    • By Janie 2022-09-16 18:27:05

      GROWING PAIN, you're out

      It seems that this drama, you can borrow a very popular advertising slogan to say to GROWING PAIN, you are out.
      Unlike other family comedies, and EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND or GROWING PAIN, THE WAR AT HOME takes an alternative and non-mainstream route. Many topics, such as TEENAGE SEX, HOMOSEXUAL, etc., their views are completely POLITICAL INCORRECT in the United States, but for the general public, especially for the hot parents and hot mothers born in the 1980s, they are very kind, and...

    • By Cassandre 2022-09-16 18:18:30

      larry is so miserable...

      Larry is so miserable...
      Was suspected of having a sexual orientation problem by his father. Then he was called gay by his parents in front of his classmates. In front of the masses, he
      talked about a girlfriend and fell asleep in the theater. Dad said that he was a girlfriend in the primary stage. As a result, he was kissed by the old sister's little sister after drinking. He went to break up with his girlfriend. After he found out that he wanted to get back together, he had...

    • By Kathryne 2022-09-16 17:47:56

      Literary VS Barbarian

         "Family War" has a heavy taste, a right-wing middle-class family, a radical emotional American drama, the screenwriter used all his strength to shake every burden just right, full of laughs, although he is sensitive, dark in heart, and extremely critical, he provokes us. The entertainment G-spot of these "ordinary people"...
          Many people feel vulgar after reading it, but I feel happy, maybe I and others are relatively single-celled, and don't have so many sentimental and...

    • By Claudine 2022-09-16 16:37:06

      "Family Wars" - Twenty Wonders of the Post-Friends Era

      Watching American TV series starts with [Friends].

      Since a year ago, after watching [Friends],
      on the one hand, I have developed the habit of watching American TV shows. I
      watched [Joey], [Prison Break], and [The Apprentice] one after another
      . A habit;
      on the other hand, I always feel that after the wonderful experience of [Friends], I
      always feel that there is a lack of classics, and I always feel that there is a lack in my heart.
      This lack of...

    User comments

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    • By Jackie 2022-09-16 21:01:02

      Very comfortable. Great looking. Anything. I like that daughter's best...

    • By Wilbert 2022-09-16 18:46:48

      The jokes are good enough to copy the love apartment for a long time, and the scale is relatively large in family dramas. It is estimated that the screenwriter really hates these characters. This father is too annoying, he is more like a disproportionate scumbag than he cares too much about children and family. PS: I feel so bad for Larry in the whole drama. He is such a charming and strange child. He can fully express his feelings but always suppress his emotions. He is too...

    • By Marcella 2022-09-16 17:47:33

      only 2 seasons, never get back again! nice...

    • By Else 2022-09-16 17:27:52

      The dad inside is so annoying, and it's quite unpleasant that he rarely eats his own fruit. Although sheldon in The Big Bang Theory always bullies others, but he is also often unlucky. Everyone loves Ray in Raymond. Although he always bullies his wife and brother, he sometimes shoots himself in the foot, so when I watch it Not too...

    • By Clair 2022-09-16 16:08:24

      It doesn't seem interesting, but I have a natural affinity for family comedies~ Dad's acting is too hard, the eldest son's voice makes people angry, the youngest son is only 13 years old and has sex all day long, the eldest daughter has no brains, and the mother has nothing to complain...

    Movie quotes

    • Vicky: I never had sex with a guy who pressured me. At least not until I got married.

    • Dave: They say necessity is the mother of invention. When I first got a computer, it seemed so complicated. I thought; "I'll never figure this thing out!". Then I found out there was free pornography out there. I figured it out.

    • Mike: Hey, Dad, I need you to sign this math test.

      Dave: You failed?

      Mike: No, my teacher just wants your autograph. He's a big fan of mid-level insurance salesmen.