• Director: Gordon Chan
  • Writer: Gordon Chan,Hing-Ka Chan,Paul Clay
  • Countries of origin: Hong Kong
  • Language: Cantonese, English, Japanese
  • Release date: August 5, 1995
  • Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Громобій
  • "The Racer" is a feature film directed by Gordon Chan , with Sammo Hung as the action director and starring Jackie Chan , Anita Yuen , Chin Ka Lok , Corey Yuen , Stephen , and premiered in Hong Kong, China on August 5, 1995.
    The film tells the story of Ah Huo participating in the Sendai International Racing Competition in Japan, having a fierce contest with his opponent Cook, and finally winning the championship. 


    • Release date August 5, 1995
    • Filming locations Malaysia
    • Production companies Golden Harvest Company, Paragon Films Ltd.

    Box office


    HK$2,000,000,000 (estimated)

    Movie reviews

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    • By Jovanny 2022-12-15 06:39:08

      hit twenty

        In a movie of personal heroism, one hits ten and one hits twenty in the play.
        Assemble the car, ask the police to block the road for the test drive, and molest the Hong Kong Governor. The container scene was very innovative. Living in a container is actually a very random idea, but now there are container rentals everywhere on the roadside.
        In the play, Brother Huo has never beaten the container except for the container, and he has beaten everything else that can be played....

    • By Ashley 2022-12-13 11:24:30

      Revisiting old films, extra points for gossip

      Racing + action, the blockbuster genre that never goes out of style. It depends on how the story is told and how innovative the scenes and actions are.

      Wen Songxian was a good female middle school student at that time.

      There is also Zihuashen, who plays the same role as Gu Dezhao in "Die Dielongwei".

      The heroine Yuan Yongyi was exposed by Jackie Chan for playing big names and was never hired (but many years later, when Zeng Zhiwei acted as a middleman, the official...

    • By Dessie 2022-07-08 18:51:12

      Human Torch

      2020-7-21 Xiaomi box

      Ah Huo went back to Hong Kong after training the car at Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan The police came to ask Ah Huo and his father to assist the police in catching the modified car at night. The father and son were responsible for checking whether the car was modified and towed away.

      Cool guy from America was testing his car in the desert and dragged to death an undercover police officer Cool guy came to Hong Kong at night and killed a policeman with a...

    • By Jeffrey 2022-07-08 17:08:46

      Spirit and the old Hong Kong

      Typical Hong Kong scenes and patterns at the end of the last century, which were envied and unattainable by the mainland at that time, developed transportation network, automobile market, prosperous economy, luxurious performances and connection to the world plot. . . These seem ordinary plots in the mainland today, but at that time they were definitely the spiritual source of the infinite longing that Hong Kong brought to the mainlanders. . . . The key is the kind of spirit and character...

    • By Ivah 2022-07-08 16:15:15

      The Seriousness of Human Torch

      A racing martial arts film, tells the story of Jackie Chan, a series of competitions with foreign crazy people, and finally punishing evil and promoting good, winning the racing championship and defeating the foreign crazy person.

      This story is very inspiring. A man who had no money was robbed of his two younger sisters. He finally assisted the police and earned enough money with his own staff and his own efforts to buy a car. Although the car overturned, with his own staff , and...

    User comments

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    • By Nat 2023-04-02 06:34:51

      I watched it a long time ago. It seems that this movie is not Jackie Chan's usual action comedy style. Anyway, I thought it looked good when I was a...

    • By Winfield 2023-02-24 05:58:11

      The racing scene was good, but the book was too sloppy, and in the end, it was as if the filming was not finished. There were too many things to take for granted without explaining it. Maybe I felt that there were scenes that did not need...

    • By Annie 2023-02-23 11:07:57

      This role is not suitable for him. ....

    • By Chaya 2023-01-25 11:10:53

      Whether it is thunderbolt fire or thunderbolt water, as long as water and fire are incompatible, it is...

    • By Eileen 2023-01-09 20:35:53

      Jackie Chan's version of the initial text D, many classic sports cars have appeared on the scene, the plot is a little simple, the villain is a little mentally retarded, but the visual spectacle still has no comer, I am afraid no one can take pictures of cranes hanging containers and ramming back and forth. play. The Jackie Chan fights are imaginative and the camera usage is great, especially when racing. The racing scene in this film is quite exciting. Basically, the classic routines and...

    Movie plot

    Ah Huo ( Jackie Chan ) loved racing cars since he was a child. When he grew up, he entered a large Japanese car factory as a technician, and was responsible for inspecting new cars for field tests by test drivers. After returning to Hong Kong, he worked as a tuner at his father's old car factory and joined the police search for illegal racing cars. With his familiarity with cars, he was very handy in search work. During the mission, Ah...
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    Evaluation action

    Although "Racer" is a big production, it is not a successful work in terms of the film itself. The script of the film can be completely described as fragmented. The identity and role of Jackie Chan in the play gives a vague feeling. The opening of the film takes 3 minutes to explain that he is a student who came to Japan to study automotive engineering. After 3 minutes, he became the owner of a garage with a son and a stepfather. When...
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