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  • Eric 2022-11-03 14:11:12

    Love and freedom are the most important

    We all grew up this way, the same crying, yawning, hilarious, and joyful.
    But growing up is a world of difference.
    Although the director does not have any value judgments, since it is a display of treasures from four different regions, ordinary people like me will definitely compare them. I really...

  • Christopher 2022-11-20 01:34:34

    I don't know where the laugh is, but they laugh and laugh together

    ? There is no best, only better Do you have a special feeling for documentaries and be realistic? Hidden shooting? Humanities? interview? I don't know. I just remember that when I was in elementary school, I set my alarm at five o'clock and got up to watch a five-hour science documentary and...

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