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  • Demarco 2022-03-24 09:01:35

    old loves die

    When I saw Joan Fontaine in the room of the hostess of Manderley Manor, overwhelmed by the ubiquitous scent of the hostess, and finally decided to resist, I thought that according to Hitchcock's way, the hostess would definitely Appearing in a shadow (or Joan Fontaine's imagination), laughing with...

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    Hitchcock's love for long shots may have been a challenge to the technology at that time. The long shot of the ghost perspective was opened and pushed through the iron door to the room, and the atmosphere was very good. Rear projection and background, the mandoli is tall and majestic in space, and...

  • Jaleel 2022-03-23 09:01:39

    "How can people who live with the devil be sensible." Hitchcock's use of crime thrillers to reveal the nature of love is as profound, thoughtful and memorable as the stories he tells about the mystery to be revealed.

  • Wyatt 2021-11-12 08:01:24

    Love comes too fast like a tornado, but true love is so hard to find. Every lover always has another side. It is a lucky thing to meet the right one. Lovers should be honest with each other. If you trust each other, the hero's love The second spring finally got married. The horror and haze of the film are well rendered, and the plot is compact. Finally, a good steward must be selected.

Rebecca quotes

  • Maxim de Winter: [to his wife at breakfast] Have a look at "The Times"; there's a thrilling article on what's the matter with English cricket!

  • Maxim de Winter: I knew where Rebecca's body was, lying on that cabin floor on the bottom of the sea.

    Mrs. de Winter: How did you know, Maxim?

    Maxim de Winter: Because... I put it there.