Extended Reading
  • Heloise 2022-12-10 14:08:43

    Emotional second season

    The first season of Stone Gate has the wonderful setting of time-travel, and the structure is exquisite. The first half of the daily life and the second half of the cycle-travel brought me an unparalleled shock to the young high school at that time. Only then did I know that the animation can also...

  • Kirstin 2022-12-08 19:22:31

    Akihabara Holy Land Tour: See the world of Stone Gate with your own eyes

    In fact, I didn’t expect to wait for a new Shishimen movie this year, and I didn’t expect that I made a mistake and came to Tokyo to become an exchange student in the same year. So I made a one-day tour of Akihabara with a map and a camera, and completed my long-cherished tour of the Holy....