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  • Lonzo 2022-03-21 09:01:43

    Analysis of the movie "The Princess Diaries" through the ten stages of the play script

    1. At this moment: The 15-year-old heroine Mia is studying in high school. With fluffy curly hair and black-rimmed glasses, she is a little transparent in the class. She is often ridiculed by her classmates. Sai has a natural resistance and will be so nervous that he can't speak, and even vomits...

  • Leola 2021-11-16 08:01:28

    Every girl has a princess dream

    The plot of "The Princess Diaries" is simple but bloody-15-year-old high school student Mia lives with her mother in the United States. She is ordinary and often laughed at by classmates. However, on her 16th birthday, she was told that she was a princess from a small European country. In order to...

  • Damian 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    My parents bought DVDs when I was a kid. . . Then I found out that it was Andrews who played Grandma = = I always thought she looked like an old maid when she was young, but I didn't expect her to have such a good temperament in this film.

  • Madelyn 2021-11-16 08:01:28

    Anne Hathaway is really beautiful and the plot is also very interesting

The Princess Diaries quotes

  • Mia: [Responding to Lilly's insults] Lilly! Just stop it, okay? Just because your hair sucks, get off mine!

  • Gym Teacher Harbula: Bobby Bad, hang up the phone.

    Bobby Bad: [on his cell phone] Yes, Mom, I'll go to the dentist after school.

    Mia: I hate it when they move in like that.

    Gym Teacher Harbula: Mia, it's not a championship game, it's not even a *big* game, it's just gym class. Just hit the ball. I don't want to flunk you in gym class. C'mon, you can do it. Keep your eye on the ball.