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  • Ian 2022-11-14 04:59:39

    Welcome to Xanadu Dongmo Village

    It's a movie where you can guess the ending after seeing the beginning. As soon as you see the beginning, you know that these soldiers who meet will inevitably get along peacefully, but their intervention will also lead to the demise of the beautiful village. So it is bound to be a tragedy.


  • Cathryn 2022-11-16 21:01:53

    Eternal paradise, beautiful Dongmo Village

        In any case, the films that can be composed by Joe Hisaishi are at least worth watching. I have listened to the original soundtrack of the film a long time ago, and I know that the film is very good, but I did not finish the film until today. I turned off the player, the theme song of the movie...

Welcome to Dongmakgol quotes

  • Teacher Kim: [in English] How are you?

    Smith: What?

    Teacher Kim: How are you?

    Smith: How do you think I am, huh? I mean, how do you think I am? Look at me, huh? I mean, look at me! I'm tied up with sticks here. You know, I feel like shit! Like shit!

    Village Chief: [in Korean] Not going well?

    Teacher Kim: It's strange. You can see, like it says here, sir.

    Village Chief: I can't read that.

    Teacher Kim: Yes, sir. Well, if I say

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'How are you?', he should say

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'Fine, and you?'. That's the right American answer, so then I can say,

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'I'm fine'. Only then is this a completed thing. But he's a bit...

    Villager: Why isn't he doing as he should? Is he picking a fight?