Le Bonheur Quotes

  • François Chevalier: Do you think Mom's dress is beautiful?

    Pierrot Chevalier: Beautiful like Mom.

  • Thérèse Chevalier: The countryside is beautiful.

    François Chevalier: I wonder what I like more: The smell of the trees, the grass or the river.

  • François Chevalier: Imagine a wedding in a mausoleum.

    Thérèse Chevalier: You're silly.

  • Thérèse Chevalier: Annie can come watch the kids around 8:30. We could make the 9:00 show. I'd love it.

    François Chevalier: If it's a Western, fine.

    Thérèse Chevalier: No horses in this one.

    François Chevalier: A French film, then.

    Thérèse Chevalier: Yes, with Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau for the first time together. Which one do you prefer? Which woman?

    François Chevalier: Which woman? You.

  • Émilie Savignard: Does you wife make honey?

    François Chevalier: You could say that. She's nice and cooks well.

  • François Chevalier: [to Thérèse, his wife] If you're mad, I'll spank you.

  • Émilie Savignard: I love you too. I feel happy. Be happy too, don't worry. I'm free, happy, and you're not the first. Love me.

    François Chevalier: Such happiness!

  • Émilie Savignard: Are you happy at home too?

    François Chevalier: Very happy.

    Émilie Savignard: Your wife is not a habit?

    François Chevalier: No. I love her very much. We get along, we have fun. And there are the kids. Surprises every day.

    Émilie Savignard: And me?

    François Chevalier: I met you and I love you.

  • François Chevalier: Were you sad?

    Émilie Savignard: Not that much. I don't like sadness.

  • Émilie Savignard: Now I'm here. I'm myself, I mean.

    François Chevalier: I like that about you. And it's the same for me. I can't say I'm different since I met you. On the contrary, I'm even more myself.

  • François Chevalier: You know, I met my wife when I was in the service. It was love at first sight. We married when I got out. Had I met you first, I'd live with you.

  • François Chevalier: Sleeping together is fine when you're in love.

  • Émilie Savignard: Tell me one thing - are she and I the same to you?

    François Chevalier: No, very different. You make love better, you have fun. It's like a new wine for me. My head is spinning and your pleasure is in my heart. Like with Thérèse. She likes making love too - but she's calmer. I'm the one who leads the game. She likes me to have fun with her. She's tender - always there - and our kids look like her. You see, I'm being honest.

    Émilie Savignard: Yes.

    François Chevalier: You taught me another game, we're more alike. Thérèse is like a hardy plant. You're like an animal set free. I love nature.

  • François Chevalier: You and I and the kids, we're like an apple orchard, a square field. Then I notice an apple tree that grows outside the field and blooms with us. More flowers, more apples. It adds up, you know.

  • Thérèse Chevalier: How long have I not been alone with you?

  • François Chevalier: I love you. Look at me. I love you. It's like if I had ten arms to hug you and you had ten arms for me. We're all mixed together. But I found myself with extra arms. I'm taking nothing from you, see?