Ogygia Quotes

  • Michael Scofield: I died seven years ago. Left behind a brother... a wife... a son. But the dead talk, if you listen. They're there with you, reaching out... trying to tell you something. Because not all deaths are the same. Some are real. Some are a story. Question is, do you believe the story? Was the man who died who you thought he was? The dead talk... if you listen.

  • Mike Scofield: What was my father like? My real father.

    Dr. Sara Tancredi: Michael Scofield... was like a storm.

    Lincoln Burrows: [at Ogygia with C-Note] Grab the camera. I want proof he's alive.

    Dr. Sara Tancredi: He was beautiful and frightening and mysterious. And he would show up in your life out of the clear blue sky and then he would disappear just as quickly.

    Mike Scofield: But storms, they can come back. Can't they?

    Dr. Sara Tancredi: Mm-hmm. Question is if they come back, is it the same storm, or has something changed?

  • Lincoln Burrows: Michael. New tats.

    Michael Scofield: What do you mean "new"?

    Lincoln Burrows: We're gonna get you out of here.

    Michael Scofield: My name isn't Michael. And I don't know who you are.

  • Lincoln Burrows: Listen to me. This is the Middle East.

    Fernando Sucre: Lots has changed. I'm an international hitter now. A raconteur.

    Lincoln Burrows: I don't think that means what you think it means.

    Fernando Sucre: Don't speak to me like I don't know French. I know French. And I'm brown. That's something. I'll fit in better over there than you will, snowflake.

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: [approaching, to Lincoln] I decided I was wrong when I said you would be dead inside of three days. You go over there, you'll be dead inside of one.

  • Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: Lincoln, where are you going?

    Lincoln Burrows: Hotel, to grab my stuff, then the airport.

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: Hey, listen, you're not going to Yemen.

    Lincoln Burrows: Stop me.

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: You won't make it three days. We need to go through the proper channels.

    Lincoln Burrows: The proper channels? Someone's erasing his existence. Who does that? Who has that ability? I'm telling you, Michael's caught in the middle of something big.

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: What if he's not caught in the middle?

    Lincoln Burrows: What are you saying?

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: Michael has never been anyone's sucker. He's always been in control. Always.

    Lincoln Burrows: You saying he faked his own death?

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: I'm saying you need to look at all of the possibilities before you walk into a war zone.

  • Lincoln Burrows: I envy you. You changed your life around.

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: A man gets tired of living a profligate life. So I took up jihad. Real jihad, not that madness that you see on the news. War within. The spiritual struggle to clean up your act. Finding and serving God.

    Lincoln Burrows: That's good, man.

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: The world needs it, Linc. I mean, we're, uh, we're small here, but we do what we can to help the peace efforts in the Middle East. Working on anti-radicalization campaigns here at home. Like I said, the struggle.

    Lincoln Burrows: That's why I'm here. If I needed to get to Yemen, that something you could help me with?

  • Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: I thought he was dead.

    Lincoln Burrows: So did everyone.

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: But Ogygia? I mean, that's for heavy hitters, political prisoners. In Yemen, it doesn't come any worse. I mean, do you know what it would take to stage a death? Not to mention keeping a man who is not dead under the radar for seven years.

    Lincoln Burrows: Some very powerful players.

  • Mike Scofield: Something's happening, isn't it? First you come and that person came in our house. It has something to do with my real father, doesn't it?

    Lincoln Burrows: Why do you say that?

    Mike Scofield: [glancing at Sara] Because I can see it in her face.

  • Lincoln Burrows: [at Michael's grave] Smart girl, your Sara. She's right. I'm just desperate to see your face. My life's been a mess ever since you left. Fallen back into my old ways. Something you wouldn't tolerate. But I got good in me, Michael. I got good in me. It'd just be nice if you were here to... help me find it.

  • Dr. Sara Tancredi: He hasn't just mythologized you. He mythologizes Michael, too. It's like someone thinking he was born to a god. A god he's never met... and who isn't here. And who never will be again. I can be pragmatic. Michael was sick. He was terminally sick. And he died.

    Lincoln Burrows: [showing her the photo T-Bag gave him] Sara... how do you explain that?

    Dr. Sara Tancredi: It's Photoshop, Linc, or something. You got to consider the source. This came from T-Bag. I know you want it to be true. I want it to be true.

  • Dr. Sara Tancredi: Someone's got a sick sense of humor. I know you want it to be true. Losing a brother... the massive hole that leaves in your life.

    Lincoln Burrows: Like the same massive hole losing a husband makes?

    Dr. Sara Tancredi: Maybe.

  • Lincoln Burrows: It's impossible.

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: That's what I thought.

    Lincoln Burrows: Why'd he send it to you?

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Again, what I thought. And then I gave the words another look-see. Maybe that's the answer. "By your hand you shall know the glories of your progeny and our world will be made right forevermore." Hell if I know what that means. But just like that envelope's addressed to me, those words are addressed to me. Got to be!

    Lincoln Burrows: Get out.

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: I'm trying to work with you here. Is there any possible way your brother could've survived?

    Lincoln Burrows: My brother's dead.

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Th... then who sent this? And why?

    Lincoln Burrows: Get out.

    [T-Bag leans down to take the picture, but Lincoln stops him]

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: At least let me take my rightful correspondence.

    [seeing Linc's stoic look]

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Oh, I made a copy, Burrows. I knew you'd be the same obstinate son of a beyotch you always been, but I'd hoped you'd seen the light. But you are what you is and you is what you are.

    [he turns to leave]

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Still, I'm telling you, fate has got us joined at the hip somehow.

  • Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Lincolny-linc. All huffin' and puffin'. Don't you look at me like I'm trash. My house is in order. I'm clear with the government, the D.O.C., and my God. Doesn't appear to be the same with you. Look at you, all backslid. You're supposed to be going up in the world as you age, or did you not get the memo?

    Lincoln Burrows: You don't get off my deck, I'm gonna crack your skull.

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: I wouldn't do that. Seems fate has deigned to join us at the hip once again, despite our mutual contempt.

    [showing him the envelope he received in prison]

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Have a look-see.

    [Lincoln opens the envelope and takes the contents out]

    Lincoln Burrows: Where'd you get this?

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Received it on release earlier this week. No return address.

    Lincoln Burrows: If you're playing me, I'll kill you.

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Take a look at that postmark on that. I may be a sophisti-cat, but not so sophisticated as to forge something like that. Besides, what angle could I possibly have in coming here and telling you that it looks like your brother might just be alive?

  • Dr. Sara Tancredi: I know you want it to be true. I want it to be true, too. But we gotta trust what we know.