Ring of the Nibelungs Quotes

  • Brunnhild: Once I loved a man, who I thought the gods themselves had sent me. I loved the whole world because he was in it. Long we were parted but I could bear it because I knew he would return one day. But when he came again it was as if his heart had been wiped clean. I loved him as I had but he did not love me. We were strangers as before we had met.

  • Kriemhild: Once I loved a man who did not love me and I could not bear it if the world was to be a place without him. So when Hagen came to me with an unholy thing that would banish the memory of old loves and plant a new one there, I was blinded...

  • [last lines]

    Giselher: [as Brunnhild dies with Siegfried] Today the old gods live again.

    Lena: Today the old gods will die with them.

  • Eric: I don't like Saxons.

    Eyvind: I do... once in a while.

    Eric: Yeah, for sword practice.

  • Brunnhild: Perhaps I should pray that I too will remember our love so little, because I will never know joy again until I forget, or you remember.

  • Eric: The Christians say their god is all about forgiveness.

    Eyvind: The Christians... they're a strange lot.

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