Ship of Theseus Quotes

  • Vinay: The male silkworm can smell a single molecule of pheromone. If I had an olfaction as developed, I wouldn't be able to stand your smell...

    Aaliya Kamal: You wouldn't be able to stand your own smell... with your frequency of showers per month...

    Vinay: Even subtle differences... would I have seen the world very differently if I had smaller nostrils? If I was taller or shorter?

    Aaliya Kamal: Or would the world have been a different place if Hitler was shorter? Or Gandhi taller?

  • Navin: If a ship is replaced part by part up to a point where not a single original part remains in it, is it still the same ship?

  • Aaliya Kamal: Does reality exist when no one is looking?

  • Aaliya Kamal: Why is it so amazing to not have any limits or doubts?

  • Aaliya Kamal: A frog once asked a centipede how is it able to walk on a hundred feet, so gracefully synchronized while the frog finds it difficult to manage even two. The centipede took a moment to analyze its own walk and was baffled. So as it tried to walk further its feet got entangled and it tripped.

  • Maitreya: There was an island and you were to be reborn as a tormentor or a slave. The tormentor would make life hell for you, will give infinite pain to you and your kin, just for his pleasure. And he had no remorse over his actions to crush his victim. Add to that there was no karma, no soul, no retribution, no being responsible for your actions. And you had to choose any one of them. Who would you be?

  • Maitreya: We are all blind men trying to see the elephant.

  • Charwaka: I always knew monks are closet drinkers but unfortunately liver cirrhosis is going to give you away.

    Maitreya: You know it should have more to do with intoxication than with drinking.

  • Charwaka: I got you a gift. Alphabets. It's amazing how we imagine that just these few alphabets will someday arrange themselves in a way that everything will suddenly make perfect sense. A permutation of known words suddenly bringing forward a previously unknown meaning.

  • Mr Gupta: Look into your own religion. There's constant reference to relativity. Your ancients, they were masters of understanding that there is no one ultimate rule book for all situations. The woman churning curd into butter, she has to pull one end of the rope, and let the other end go otherwise the rope will break. Contradictions and polarities are two ends of the same rope. You can pull one end and let the other end go.

  • Charwaka: Monks are supposed to be celibate, then why this much intellectual masturbation in first place?

  • Charwaka: It gives me some kicks though, to know that, a part of me was a part of an animal once, a flame, a star. A part will become mineral, flow in a plant, sprout in a fruit, get pecked by a bird. Every atom of my body will be recycled by the universe. You think you are a person but you are a colony. A microcosm which has ten times more bacteria in its body... than it has human cells.

  • Aaliya Kamal: I have to draw opinion and assurance about my own art away from what everyone else says.