The Closer Quotes

  • Hairdresser: Shouldn't I have a lawyer?

    Brenda Leigh Johnson: You could call a lawyer... but if you do I'll tear this custody agreement into little pieces and Dean will walk away with your baby the minute it's born.

  • Sgt. David Gabriel: You brought your cat to a crime scene?

    Brenda Leigh Johnson: It's not my cat, it just lives with me and eats at my house.

  • Brenda Leigh Johnson: We are running him down the flagpole and that's all that there is to it. If you want to examine the body, you may do so after I'm done.

    [Albert's body comes crashing through the window]

    Brenda Leigh Johnson: I'm done.

  • Det. Lt. Provenza: Ok, everybody; mark the date.

    [long pause]

    Det. Lt. Provenza: I was wrong.

  • Brenda Leigh Johnson: Are you trying to encourage me or make me nervous?

    Asst. Police Chief Will Pope: I'm just trying to figure out why you're so damn confident you can get this woman to help you.

    Brenda Leigh Johnson: Well, because, Will, I know a little something about admiring the boss and finding out he's not the guy you thought he was.

  • Brenda Leigh Johnson: Do I look hurt to you, Will?

    Asst. Police Chief Will Pope: No. Unless I'm mistaken, that's your angry face.

  • Brenda Leigh Johnson: If you don't mind, Lieutenant, I like to have the answers before I ask questions.

  • Brenda Leigh Johnson: Thank you, thank you so much.