The Official Story Quotes

  • Roberto: Where's Gaby?

    Alicia: Horrible, isn't it?

    Roberto: What's horrible?

    Alicia: Not knowing where your daughter is!

  • Benitez: [to Alicia in Classroom] Literature and History always meet.

  • Alicia: Time for bed, Gaby.

    Gaby: Just a little longer. One more story.

    Ana: The one about the invisible paint? This paint makes things invisible. For instance, we paint your bed and it vanishes. Then mommy will think you're sleeping in mid-air.

    Gaby: Mommy, is she like Dolores? Is she your "divided" friend?

  • Ana: [to Roberto] Gaby is wonderful. She says I'm the "divided" friend.

    Alicia: [laughing] She can't pronounce devoted. She loves the word and uses it constantly.

    Roberto: Will you be staying?

    Ana: I don't know yet.

    Roberto: You're looking good. I never saw you in a skirt before. Europe was good for you, wasn't it? It seems to have polished up your edges.

  • Alicia: Dolores is lucky to have such a devoted friend as you.

    Gaby: What does "divided" mean?