The Shaggy Dog Quotes

  • Dave Douglas: Nothing but mouth.

  • Judge Claire Whittaker: One more outburst and I'm holding you in contempt.

    Dave Douglas: [barks] Silence! Quiet! WHOO!

    [covers up mouth with hands, pause]

    Dave Douglas: I think I could use a rrr-eee


    Judge Claire Whittaker: ReCESS! Ten minutes!

  • Josh Douglas: [to Tracy, about Dave] He is clueless, which in some ways is better.

    Dave Douglas: [as dog] OUCH!

  • Carly Douglas: None of this would have happened if we hadn't stole Shaggy.

    Dave Douglas: [as dog] YOU WHAT? STOLE HIM?

    Trey: [holds up bone] Fetch, boy!

    Dave Douglas: I am not your boy and I'm not gonna fe...

    Dave Douglas: [Trey throws bone] Oh, hey, I'll be right back!

  • Dave Douglas: Someone's peeing on the lawn!

  • Judge Claire Whittaker: Did you just growl at opposing counsel?

  • Dr. Kozak: Don't you morons realize I can make us all immortal?

  • Larry: Oh my God, it's a trap.

    Dr. Gwen Lichtman: Dogs don't set traps.

    Larry: Yeah, well, dogs don't live 300 years either.

  • Dr. Kozak: We actually just shook hands.

  • Dave Douglas: [as he's jumping onto the roof of the bus] To infinity and beyond!