Can't understand why the female grocery store owner is said to be vicious

Michel 2022-04-24 07:01:06

It's true that the female grocery store owner meddled in her own business and affected other people's lives, but she was by no means malicious. This is a suggestion to the female pig's feet, let her care about her married status, and don't deceive two men at the same time. After all, she got married in the United States, and how can a married person break the promise at the time of marriage and run to another man in the marriage? And, for the Irish boy, it's also extremely unfair, which is reflected in the female pig's feet dating him while concealing that she is married.

An open city also needs to abide by the promises in marriage. I think the female pig's feet should thank the female grocery store owner who gave her tips at critical times. It is not because the female boss is blackmailing the female pig's feet and trapping her in injustice.

Because the female pig's feet could not accept other people's pointing at her life, she abandoned her mother again and abandoned the Irish man who liked her. Who is the lower quality?

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  • Tatyana 2021-12-01 08:01:26

    Like Room, the likes and regrets are obvious, and the performances are also eye-catching. Emory Cohen is very charming. The final choice of the heroine is not important. What is important is that the final decision has nothing to do with the man and other external factors. Know what you want, this is the point.

  • Ellen 2022-03-21 09:01:51

    Write about the mood of a generation of immigrants. When I was lonely and homesick, I forgot the original intention of leaving, and when I was exhausted, I gave up the reason for returning. There is no poetry in any distance, every choice is for life. It's hypocrisy to say that. It's too naive to say. Don't use love fairy tales to beautify the heroine, like it. The retro style is also beautiful. It's a pity that the props and scenes are not worn out, and the lack of exterior scenery and buildings makes it less charming.

Brooklyn quotes

  • Diana: Have you told Tony yet, Ellis?

    Eilis: Of course.

    Sheila: Is he taking you out to celebrate?

    Eilis: We're going to Coney Island at the weekend.

    Patty: Oh, boy.

    Eilis: What does that mean?

    Patty: Well, do you have a bathing costume?

    Eilis: No, I was going to...

    Diana: Do you have sunglasses?

    Eilis: No.

    Sheila: You need sunglasses. I read that if you don't have them on the beach this year, people will talk about you.

    Mrs. Keogh: And what will they say, exactly, Sheila?

    Dolores: That's the thing, Mrs Kehoe. You'd never know, because they'd never say it to your face.

  • Miss Fortini: [Fitting Ellis with a new swimming costume] You'll have to shave down there. I'll give you a razor that will do the trick. You're all right there for the moment. Most Italian men appreciate a fuller figure. But, watch yourself over the summer. The black's too dark for your pale skin. Let's see you in the green.