Resist the centripetal force that rots together

Nakia 2022-04-24 07:01:06

During the nearly two hours of watching the movie, I kept thinking about where this faint sense of melancholy came from. It was not until the heroine Eilis was pressed by the ill-intentioned Mrs Kelly that she realized it, and the theme of the whole play was also revealed.

I'd forgotten.
I'd forgotten what this town is like.

Just like all of us who flock to North, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Eilis, who left Ireland and stayed in Brooklyn, doesn't actually hate her hometown, she even misses her very much, there is her beloved here His sister (although later died), always thinking about his mother, his good friend Nancy, and even a local golden bachelor Jim after returning from New York to Ireland.

But Eilis still decided to cross the ocean again and return to Brooklyn, New York, where she will continue to work hard, because there is her beloved new husband, her career, her yearning and pursuit for the future, and all this is related to the world. What an isolated town cannot give.

Yearning and pursuit have never appeared in the life of the small town.

As Eilis accused Mrs. Kelly of good deeds, a small town cut off from the world is not a wonderland as fairy tales or magic tales suggest. Ease and wanting nothing is hell to our restless young hearts.
In fact, it is more like a numb old man. What he does other than firewood, rice, oil and salt has no purpose at all. It is not for harm or flattery. All those who wanted to escape were pulled back tightly and rotted together.

This kind of aimless waiting for destruction is the ultimate tragedy of marginal towns.

We are not as special as we imagined. Most of the phenomena that occur in Western countries are staged in mainland China in a similar form. The large number of laborers in China now flocking to the first-tier cities is the wave of Irish immigrants at that time, in order to find life. different possibilities.

I believe that many people from Beidrift can understand what Eilis felt when he went home to attend his sister's funeral in the second half of the film.
Every half a month of the Chinese New Year, we will meet again with our childhood friends. Maybe we know the same city but have never met. Now he is the middle-level management of urban institutions, and is a "high-quality" man who is oriented towards marriage as the purpose of falling in love.

The retention of friends, the pursuit of a new good gentleman, the nostalgia of parents, the recognition of others' professional skills and "broad vision", these seemingly beautiful atmospheres have given us a short-term comfort and peace for this hometown where we have never had a good impression. Good impression, questioned his own struggles and retention outside.
But it only takes one Mrs Kelly to make us see why we chose to leave in the first place.

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Extended Reading
  • Alexandrine 2022-03-20 09:01:42

    Watching it for screenwriter Nick Hornby/Colm Tobin. Really disappointed, the plot aspect is like a student study: just because an old woman came to the conclusion "I almost forgot what this place looks like"? The way of echoing from beginning to end is also cliché. And finally, there was a bit of a dramatic conflict. I was about to see the inner struggle of the heroine, but the movie ended in a hurry...

  • Etha 2022-03-29 09:01:02

    It seems that for some people (young, beautiful, brave), a new and beautiful life is like a bunch of fruits hanging on the branches, just a little tiptoe to get there, the only trouble is not knowing how to get there. Reach out to pick which one... Damn, I really want to experience this feeling! (Who wouldn't want to?

Brooklyn quotes

  • Miss Fortini: Ellis, you look like a different person. How did you do it? Maybe I can pass some advice onto the next poor girl who feels that way.

    Eilis: I met somebody. An Italian fella.

    Miss Fortini: Oh, I'm not passing that on. I'd rather have them homesick than heartbroken. Does he talk about baseball all the time? Or, his mother?

    Eilis: No.

    Miss Fortini: Then keep him. There isn't another Italian man like him in New York.

  • Maurizio: So, has Tony offered to take you to Ebbets Field when the season starts?

    Eilis: [to Tony] You like baseball?

    Maurizio: He never mentioned the Dodgers? Not even once? What's the matter with you?