I've forgotten what this town was like

Clarabelle 2022-04-24 07:01:06

Near the end, the heroine said i've forgotten what this town was like. This sentence is really the essence of the whole film. So this story is no longer a cookie-cutter "root uprooting" immigrant story. It is not only about homesickness, constant family affection, the fear and hardship of living independently in a foreign land, but has risen to the level of discussion of human nature. Compared with the hardships in New York, Small town life seems to be comfortable and superior, with good jobs, good marriage partners (both men and good family backgrounds), and relatives and friends to accompany. But the theme of life has always revolved around "interpersonal relationships". The quiet life in the small town is just an appearance. Human nature is complex and multi-faceted. There are turbulent undercurrents everywhere, and you will fall into the quagmire if you are not careful.

The "interpersonal relationship" in the small town has obviously not experienced the baptism of the Industrial Revolution. The traditional way of life brings people habitual interdependence: relying on relatives, friends, and nature (the beach in Ireland's hometown reminds the heroine of the beach in New York, there is no one in the seaside of hometown, so quiet and comfortable, Relax). And the industrial revolution, urbanization, immigration, starting from scratch, is to break this dependence, this kind of closeness, everything is no longer for granted, everyone is afraid, but if you survive it, you will be stronger, independent, and in the long history of civilization. One step forward.

The heroine's phrase I've forgotten what this town was like is obviously an ode to industrial civilization. The vicious bakery proprietress represents the dark side of the town's "relationships": narrow-minded, cramped, gossip, and mean. But this is also the inevitable result of the traditional way of life that people are too close to each other, and the collectives understand each other and depend on each other. Living in a small town where everyone knows everyone, the dark side of human nature is hard to escape. Like a juggernaut, crushed all the way, no one survived. And this, in a city where no one knows everyone, can be played down, avoided, or even escaped. The love and resentment between people are subtle because of distance, and beautiful because of forgetting. After all, people are selfish animals. Isn't it selfish for a mother to let her daughter stay? The only one who shows the brilliance of humanity is my sister. My sister knew that she was trapped in a small town and could not be freed for life, so she chose to leave for her sister, without asking for anything in return, selfless, decisive, and complete love. My sister is like a god who arranges everything.

The second male is a tragic character. From a good background and a good family background, but if you want to inherit the family business, you will never be able to leave the town for a lifetime. He told the heroine that he really wanted to go to Paris, New York, London, and Rome, and live a different life, but he had never even seen Ireland. For him, the heroine represents New York, a big city, another life, and the desire for himself in his soul. He smiled and said you must think we are old-fashioned here. The heroine said, No i think you are calm, civilized and charming. Then he smiled so happily that he probably felt that he had a glimmer of hope. In the end, the heroine left without saying goodbye, and the second male silently held the farewell letter, which made me so sad. At that moment, the second male must feel that he is a Loser. The heroine is his beautiful vision of life, but this beautiful vision chose to abandon him. What other fantasies could he have? Find another girl in your hometown. Being abandoned by the heroine is like being abandoned by Paris, London, Rome, New York. If the heroine gives up and returns to New York, the hero will definitely not feel like a Loser, at most a heart-broken. The second male is also a good man, this ending is really sad.

It is said that the male protagonist comes to the female protagonist wearing a green top, how is his eyebrows and eyes so sexy, and his voice is also sexy, my dish!

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  • Matt 2022-03-22 09:01:44

    The story of a random person who comes up on the Imperial Capital Line 10 during the peak period is heavier than this one. The American dream of the Irish middle class in the 1950s was so conservative and boring, full of the aesthetic flavor of the big daddy veteran cadres, or the homesickness of Chaoyang District.

  • Vicky 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    In the end, the design similar to Samsara is not bad. The overall rhythm of the film is good, but there are not many highlights. Saoirse Ronan's performance is acceptable, but the Oscar winner is out of the picture. The role of the heroine, what she did after returning to Ireland from the United States, is really hated, but her character is such that men rely on her, or ladders, to go to a better life.

Brooklyn quotes

  • Miss Fortini: Ellis, you look like a different person. How did you do it? Maybe I can pass some advice onto the next poor girl who feels that way.

    Eilis: I met somebody. An Italian fella.

    Miss Fortini: Oh, I'm not passing that on. I'd rather have them homesick than heartbroken. Does he talk about baseball all the time? Or, his mother?

    Eilis: No.

    Miss Fortini: Then keep him. There isn't another Italian man like him in New York.

  • Maurizio: So, has Tony offered to take you to Ebbets Field when the season starts?

    Eilis: [to Tony] You like baseball?

    Maurizio: He never mentioned the Dodgers? Not even once? What's the matter with you?