Brandi 2022-04-24 07:01:06

A girl, far away from her hometown of Ireland, traveled across the ocean to New York, the United States, and started a new life in a strange Brooklyn area. After experiencing the pain of homesickness, I made friends and found love. After adapting to the environment, I have a goal to pursue. I took an accounting class at Brooklyn University and obtained a certificate. Unexpectedly, my sister died in Ireland, and my mother was alone with no one to take care of. She decided to travel across the ocean and return to her hometown in Ireland to visit her elderly mother. Unexpectedly, she has experienced the pursuit of another hometown man. Not only is the man elegant and attractive, but also has good economic conditions, which can meet the requirements of the girl to take care of her mother and have a better life, and the girl can also get an ideal job. , taking over her sister's job. However, the girl is already married to her American lover. She said goodbye to everything in her hometown in Ireland and returned to the place where her dream started without hesitation to embrace her lover. The girl's name is Alice. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name, written by the novelist, so that the director can handle it in a smooth, delicate, beautiful and touching way. It is worthy of being a masterpiece. The feeling of loneliness in a foreign land of Xunmeng seems to be enough for all the people in our countryside surrounded by cities, but we don't have a director to write or shoot such a beautiful story. All those who live and struggle in big cities can feel the same way when they watch this movie. But this is not just a love movie, an emotional movie, it is also showing the decisions that people face in survival, or more precisely, showing some kind of ingenuity and helplessness in our life. This is what I think is a big movie. The whole movie shows a pure, beautiful and sincere world. When people have love in their hearts, and this love is passed on through themselves, the dark side of our world can only cast warm Sunlight.

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  • Colleen 2021-12-01 08:01:26

    I think this story is very moving and the portrayal of love is delicate and warm. Tony is an uncertain beauty on the other side of the ocean, and Jim is the mediocre tenderness of his hometown. Eilis' struggles, her yearning for the big city, and her nostalgia for her hometown should be felt by everyone who has left home and wandering away. The popularity of online languages ​​is also quite terrible, "Green Tea Bitch" is now a word that keyboard guys blurt out.

  • Maverick 2022-03-20 09:01:42

    After she set foot on the land of the United States, the distance filtered out the dullness, triviality and hopelessness of the Irish town. At this time, nostalgia was an obsession with "the moon is the hometown"; when she returned to Ireland, the reason for choosing the United States was Resurfaced again, as Brooklyn nostalgia turned into a new nostalgia. Where there are people to care about, where is the hometown. Fresh and refined and natural and smooth movie, the costumes are too good-looking.

Brooklyn quotes

  • Miss Fortini: Ellis, you look like a different person. How did you do it? Maybe I can pass some advice onto the next poor girl who feels that way.

    Eilis: I met somebody. An Italian fella.

    Miss Fortini: Oh, I'm not passing that on. I'd rather have them homesick than heartbroken. Does he talk about baseball all the time? Or, his mother?

    Eilis: No.

    Miss Fortini: Then keep him. There isn't another Italian man like him in New York.

  • Maurizio: So, has Tony offered to take you to Ebbets Field when the season starts?

    Eilis: [to Tony] You like baseball?

    Maurizio: He never mentioned the Dodgers? Not even once? What's the matter with you?