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Hubert 2022-04-20 09:01:36

The reality is that this person is a split personality and his real situation is in prison.
1. The absurd memories of the musicians in front of them are not happening, but his memories during the coma. The dream has processed this memory, so the expressions and languages ​​of the characters are rigid, and the background music and Some scenes work with it. What really happened was that he was finally caught by the police after killing his wife, and now he is being interrogated and woken up by the police, and from here the camera turns to reality.
2. When he was in prison, he had an unbearable headache and wanted aspirin because he was about to have a split personality. So the two guards were talking over there, one said "Fuck his uncle's wife murderer", the other replied, "Which wife murderer are you talking about?" Then the two guards laughed. Because the wife murderer is this person, but he has different personalities in his body, so the prison guard asked you which one you were talking about, and the two laughed knowingly
3. The person who claimed to be D's friend is actually his most essential Himself, he clearly recorded what he did. At the end, he was still recording with the camera, he would only appear and disappear out of thin air, and he would scare himself. On the other hand, if he is real, then why didn't he ride in a car with D at the same time as D's real friend, or have dinner together, or appear in the same photo, etc. These scenes can be proved by reality, like Andy and D appeared in the three-person photo of his wife at the same time.
4. Andy and D do have an unusual relationship with his wife. In his memory, when he was performing, Andy and his wife went in and out together (the last photo also confirms this). So normal people would be suspicious, so his deep-seated id knew all this clearly, and asked him to call home, that is, the person who called himself D's friend asked him to call home, but no one answered. From beginning to end, his wife was not a person who likes to read books, but he asked his wife how to spend tonight, and his wife said she read books.
5. He had a headache when he was in prison, watching the lamp above his head and the flies constantly jumping at the lamp, this scene will undoubtedly cause him more headache, so his schizophrenia committed again, but this time with another personality Peter appearance. Before the appearance of this personality, we clearly saw that his family was calling him, so the illusion was that he had changed into another person inexplicably, and the police had released him inexplicably. All of this is self-compensation and fantasy, combined with myself, I also want to understand why I search for my memories. In this scene, his parents kept asking him what happened that night, and then he vaguely remembered the scene where his girlfriend left him that night, but stopped and did not continue playing. Psychologically, for self-comfort, he fantasized about his wife being another Alice, self-organizing the story to make it all make sense, but also combined with reality. He himself told him that it was Alice under the guise of his wife, and he killed Andy and D for Alice, but in the end he understood that Alice was his wife, so he also changed from Peter to a musician.
When we don't understand why we faint When we are in a coma, we will find reasons for ourselves in a daze.
I had a profound personal experience, that is, I went into shock during a long-distance run, but in the process of being carried to the hospital in a daze, I said in a daze that someone was trying to kill me. I seem to remember that I once met a man on the road. I do insurance, I feel like it's a pyramid scheme, and then I feel like he poisoned me, and I feel like I was rescued from a pyramid scheme just now. In fact, these are all fake, but my own brain is making up my own absurd reasons. Make it all make sense. And these are all encountered or happened in reality, but it is just an element or a scene, and then the brain is free to play.
So this person's real situation is when he is in prison, and the story behind is woven by the brain combining some elements or scenes, and memories migrating to each other.

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  • Wellington 2021-11-15 08:01:26

    My head hurts when I see it, I'm worried about my IQ

  • Toni 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    The eerie green and coquettish red constitute the main color melody, supplemented by the toughness and mystery of gothic metal, which makes people unable to not love. Suspended between reality and dream, it seems chaotic but is connected everywhere; although the story itself has no depth, the audio-visual experience is really wonderful, leaving just the right polysémie to imagine.

Lost Highway quotes

  • [Pete, disturbed by the saxophone music on a radio, switches the channels]

    Phil: What'd you change it for? I liked that.

    Pete Dayton: Well, I don't!

    Phil: I liked that.

  • Bill Dayton: The police called us today.

    Pete Dayton: What'd they want?

    Bill Dayton: They wanted to know if we had a chance to find out what happened to you the other night. And they wanted to know if you remembered anything.

    Pete Dayton: But... I don't remember anything. What'd you tell them?

    Bill Dayton: [after a long pause] We're not going to say anything about that night to the police.

    Candace Dayton: We saw you that night, Pete.

    Bill Dayton: You came home with your friend, Sheila.

    Pete Dayton: Sheila?

    Bill Dayton: Uh-huh. There was a man with you two.

    Pete Dayton: What is this? Why didn't you tell me anything? Who was the man?

    Bill Dayton: I've never seen him before in my life.

    Pete Dayton: What happened to me? Please Dad, if you know, tell me.

    [Bill and Candace sorrowfully look away from Pete]