the devil in the heart

Chaz 2022-04-20 09:01:36

A great film, very good. The reason why it is only a recommendation rather than a strong recommendation is because it is indeed a film that [burns the brain] as many people have said, [people are psychedelic after watching it]. If you're just finishing a week of work and just want to watch a comedy and laugh, then I really don't recommend watching this. But if you're fed up with being bombarded with popcorn blockbusters for months and want to go a little deeper, this is a great option. If you happen to like David Lynch and like to explore the dark side of human nature, then congratulations.
This is considered one of the most chaotic films David Lynch has ever made. The plot is fragmented, the theme is not clear, coupled with the depressing and dull language of the camera lens, it is guaranteed that the first feeling when you watch the movie is [Annoying! ]. By the end of the film, I was still confused and cleared my mind on the way home. In the evening, I sinfully downloaded the movie and reviewed it quickly. This time, in addition to focusing on the boundless sexiness of the heroine, I also clarified some details. There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's hearts. In order to show my Hamlet, I didn't go to any movie reviews or research. Maybe the final conclusion will be very different from the director's idea, and the brain power is limited, so it can only be burned like this.

===============Please note, high energy spoilers ahead ===================

In short, this is a Tragedy because of disharmony in marital life, the stereotype is that the husband is the cause of the discord. Since the film is almost describing the memory of a mentally ill patient, all kinds of flashback techniques are used, and this magical narrative technique is also one of the charms of this film. I'm too lazy to tell the story out of order again, so the following content may need to be watched after the movie to understand.
The first thing to do when watching a movie out of order is to sort out the timeline and connect those certain facts (or facts you prefer to believe) according to time. There are several characters: husband Fred, a jazz musician, who can't fully satisfy his wife; wife Ranel, a sexy stunner, is very tolerant of her husband, and then cheats without being satisfied; Calm temper, vicious means; Andy, Lao Di's subordinate, who helped Ranel and Lao Di connect. The story begins:

~Fred clearly senses a change between the husband and wife: the wife excuses herself not to go to the bar to watch him perform. Between performances, he called home, but no one answered. When he got home, although he saw his wife sleeping peacefully on the bed, he was still suspicious.
~ The husband's second personality (hereafter referred to as the black husband) began to secretly film his wife's life and put the video tapes on his doorstep every day. Until one day, he took a picture of his wife and Lao Di on the bed (in the film, the wife told the police that the picture was of a husband and wife. But in fact, the quality of the picture was very poor, and it was impossible to tell who it was. Maybe this is the point. , so that the wife thinks that she can hide it. The details of the wife's panic after discovering the video tape have really explained what she is afraid of!
~One day, the husband and wife came to Andy's party, the husband and himself On the way home, the husband learned that Andy was the one who helped his wife and Lao Di connect.
~ Until one day, the wife had a private meeting with Lao Di. The black husband was furious and decided that everything would be tonight .He sneaked into Andy's house and killed Andy (brutally smashed Andy's head on the glass table).
~The black husband came to the Lost Highway Hotel where his wife and Lao Di had a private meeting. After the wife left , he knocked on Lao Di's door and took him to the desert to kill.
~ The husband returned home and returned to normal, he stared at the wife beside him, unable to control his feelings. So, kissing, making love, intoxicating Music is the theme at the moment, and everything is going in a good direction. However, the music comes to an abrupt end with her husband's climax, and it shouldn't be too bad. However, the wife is far from being satisfied, and her empty eyes are only fascinated for a moment. She was used to returning to the emptiness. She was also used to comforting her husband: it's ok, it's ok. It was the moment when her comforting hand was placed on her husband's back that the pain of her husband reached its peak and also It's those duplicitous it's ok that make this story bloody. The husband walks down the dark corridor, and in front of the mirror he turns into the cold-blooded murderer again. At night, he dismembers his wife and records it with a camera this scene.
~ Then, he returned home, and said to the answering machine at the door: "Old Di is dead, something is burning paper." And then there's the road chase at the end of the film, and then the husband gets caught, beaten, and finally collapses.
~And after midnight, skip the long road scene at the beginning of the film. Then the husband, who is back to normal, hears the voice on the answering machine in his own home. All this is just the imagination of the husband who has been deranged.

=======================High-energy spoilers are over =================== I

have to admit that the above The story is just barely able to convince myself, there may still be some gaps in the timeline, and there are still many metaphors that I haven't figured out yet. Go back and do your homework and see what other people's conclusions are.

In addition, there are some points that have to be mentioned:
(Pete is the husband, and the husband is Pete)
1. After Pete and Alice killed Eddie, the two drove to the cabin in the desert and stood in front of the headlight. After the battle, Alice said to Pete: you never have me. This is a very interesting statement.
As I understand it, Alice is the lascivious wife in the husband's mind. He hates this wife to the extreme, but is also fascinated by this wife. The husband understands his own incompetence, and he also understands his own incompetence in the heart of his wife. He reinforces this point and concludes that he will never be able to have this charismatic Alice, never is her husband's judgment on him, and may also be the source of his eventual madness.

2. A scene in which Pete and Alice kill Andy. After the incident, Pete suddenly had a nosebleed (well, if I were facing Alice, I would have a nosebleed!) (In fact, this may be when he and Andy were fighting, He was beaten up by Andy.) Then Pete went upstairs to find the bathroom. This is the second floor of the villa. The style of painting has changed, and it has become a hotel where his wife and Lao Di have an affair every night. The husband opened room 26, where they often cheated, and saw a very coquettish wife who was having sex with another man. The wife sneered: Do you want to find me? Did you want to ask me , why??~~ (Forgive me for only using such poor punctuation, trying to portray that rude tone).
There is no doubt that this paragraph is also the husband's imagination. The husband has magnified his incompetence in his heart to the point of trampling all his self-esteem. He delicately and sensitively fabricated the ridicule in his wife's mind. He couldn't accept this ridicule at this time, he just felt ashamed and wanted to escape. But a few hours later, he dismembered his beloved wife for this mockery.

Third, the heroine is too sexy.

Fourth, short-haired girls are very cute, and naturally have a good impression of short-haired girls.

5. Watching movies on the big screen is really much more fun than the computer. Let's just say the scene where Lao Di beat up an overtaking person on the highway. He taught the overtaking person a traffic regulation class, and the audience burst into laughter. But when I look at it on the computer again, it doesn't make much sense. Besides, every time the rock music enters the climax stage, the scene is full of blood, but when I watch it on the computer, I just feel it is too noisy.
The difference between the big screen and the small screen is: First, the effect is really different. Second, there is interaction with others in the cinema. After all, a person's attention is limited, and sometimes he needs reminders from others.

====================There are still some unclear points==================
Is Pete her husband? Refers to? What does his parents, his girlfriend mean? And what happened that night that parents and girlfriends have been talking about?
I always felt that maybe because of this misunderstanding, I heard another story entirely.

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Lost Highway quotes

  • [Pete, disturbed by the saxophone music on a radio, switches the channels]

    Phil: What'd you change it for? I liked that.

    Pete Dayton: Well, I don't!

    Phil: I liked that.

  • Bill Dayton: The police called us today.

    Pete Dayton: What'd they want?

    Bill Dayton: They wanted to know if we had a chance to find out what happened to you the other night. And they wanted to know if you remembered anything.

    Pete Dayton: But... I don't remember anything. What'd you tell them?

    Bill Dayton: [after a long pause] We're not going to say anything about that night to the police.

    Candace Dayton: We saw you that night, Pete.

    Bill Dayton: You came home with your friend, Sheila.

    Pete Dayton: Sheila?

    Bill Dayton: Uh-huh. There was a man with you two.

    Pete Dayton: What is this? Why didn't you tell me anything? Who was the man?

    Bill Dayton: I've never seen him before in my life.

    Pete Dayton: What happened to me? Please Dad, if you know, tell me.

    [Bill and Candace sorrowfully look away from Pete]

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