Criticism of "Reaper of Souls"

Megane 2022-04-19 09:01:42

Nietzsche's "philosophy of the superman" in Hitchcock's Reaper of Souls seems to be the key point in this drama-heavy film. The "superman" advocated by Nietzsche is only considered as a possibility, a strong man who advocates "immorality" and "superhuman good and evil" and completely surpasses himself. He believed that Caesar and Napoleon were just fragments of "Superman". In The Birth of Tragedy, it can be seen that Nietzsche aesthetics reality as tragedy, because he believes that tragedy reflects reality. I personally think this is an important premise for understanding Nietzsche's thought. Aesthetics means empathy with aesthetic objects, sympathy for understanding, and even praise. Therefore, Nietzsche appreciated the real aristocrats and political strongmen from the perspective of "aesthetics", believing that they possessed the most primitive and excellent qualities, highly affirmed the most natural human nature, and opposed Christianity's condemnation of human nature and distorted primitive morality. Therefore, Nietzsche began to reassess all values, restoring the original "immorality" and "super good and evil". This part is often misread and twisted by fascists to serve their own ideology. But Nietzsche did not mean exactly that. As mentioned above, Nietzsche regarded reality as tragedy to "aesthetic", and "aesthetic" means the love of tragedy, so Nietzsche is actually a person who loves life and loves life highly, which is why he praised the will to life. Nietzsche pointed out many times in the book that the "strong" has no resentment, and even if there is resentment, it is easy to find a place to vent it, and the weak are full of resentment and revenge. Nietzsche believed that Christianity, which he strongly criticized as "the weak", was full of resentment and vengeance. It can be seen from this that the fascists full of resentment are precisely the "weak" criticized by Nietzsche. Back in the movie, Brian, the protagonist of the movie, is obviously a fascist who misread Nietzsche, but he is set as a professor who really admires Nietzsche's philosophy, but he doesn't explain the meaning of Superman's philosophy. Even before Brian said that "higher people" have When Quan killed the "lower people", he also replied that he agreed, and finally forced to say that Brian misunderstood his unjustifiable plot, which was a major failure of the film. Perhaps, Hitchcock really did not understand Nietzsche.

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  • Rupert Cadell: Brandon's spoken of you.

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    Rupert Cadell: Do you deserve justice?

  • Brandon: The good Americans usually die young on the battlefield, don't they? Well, the Davids of this world merely occupy space, which is why he was the perfect victim for the perfect murder. Course he, uh, he was a Harvard undergraduate. That might make it justifiable homicide.

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