Great disappointment in hope

Jennie 2022-04-19 09:01:42

At first I thought the two criminals were high IQs, at least Brandon was, but it was later discovered that one was a softie and the other was a self-righteous idiot. The work is more like a drama in a two-dimensional world, too far from reality. Who would be so foolish as to use secret murder to show their high opinion, even if they were to be fair and square, like the head of state; or to try to escape like a real criminal with high IQ, and would never lead like Brandon in the play The other side reasoned and found the truth. To get a high score for this movie, I just want to scold the dog. Is it all to show my approval of Brandon's rhetorical fool theory? Or do you express your difference through this? That's really as stupid as Brandon. Hitchcock's movies have seen a lot, there are many good ones, such as "Vertigo". But what is this? Isn't this just a literary film that expresses a fool's theory through murder? Is such a movie also suspenseful? The only thing that attracted me to the movie was Philip's piano sound in the play, and the elegant dress and behavior of the men. Of course, there were so many characters in the movies of that era that were outrageous. Fortunately, I always liked it. Between these two points is enough!

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  • Mrs. Wilson: Well, I'm off. Enjoy yourselves. Don't forget to write. And mind your P's and Q's.

  • Brandon: Another drink?

    Rupert Cadell: Well, that's a very good idea. May I have one for the road?

    Brandon: Of course. A short one?

    Rupert Cadell: No, I'd prefer a long one if you don't mind.