inadvertently approaching tension

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It is said that this is Hitchcock's first color film. From time to time, the audience can notice the buildings outside the window. These buildings and the city's dusk sky form a gray-yellow movie set. It is easy to think that it is a huge curtain. Only that building The flashing and jumping neon lights above reveal the time and place of the story - a twilight in a metropolis.
Hitchcock chose to put the murderer and the victim in front of the audience before the story even unfolded, and even the method and weapon of the murder—a rope. One of the rope murderers, Brandon, swaggered to the kitchen and put it in a drawer. The door slammed back and forth twice at that time. Hitchcock used this very casual way to tell the audience where the murder weapon was hidden. .
Brandon is a believer in the theory of perfect murder. He believes that "killing is the privilege of a small number of higher people", and he calls himself a smart higher person who enjoys this privilege. After killing people, put the victim into a box in the living room, lay a tablecloth on the box and set it up as a dining table, and invite the victim's relatives and friends to have a party in this murder room. The people who participated in the party took food from the box containing the deceased. ...what a pervert, and Brandon was thrilled and thrilled. His mouth grinned upwards, the muscles in his face released his inner satisfaction and pleasure, and his eyes gleamed.
In contrast, the other murderer, Phillip, behaved quite "normally". He followed Brandon to kill people, always in a state of uneasy anxiety and fear. He has repeatedly expressed hope that nothing has happened when he wakes up, he's against the party, against inviting the suspicious Rupert Cadell to the party, but he's timid and can't stop the smug, determined Brandon. Of course, Brandon's murder can only be perfect after the party. The party is an indispensable and important part, so how can it be cancelled?
The tension in the film is expressed through Phillip's tension. I could feel the tension and anxiety in his heart when he was chatting with the guests, his tone was calm under strong control, and there were people walking around from time to time, which was in line with the actual situation of the party, and suddenly the victim's father passed by holding a bundle of books, The rope of the book turned out to be their murder weapon, and Brandon was by his side, "How could he make such a bold move?" You could feel Phillip's heart in his throat, he couldn't continue the conversation, his eyes Staring at the rope all the way.
There is also a tense episode handled more casually. At the end of the party, Mrs. Wilson began to pack up. She went back and forth several times, removed the dishes and candles from the table box, and lifted the tablecloth. The host and guests were chatting all the time, as if no one noticed that the tense moment was coming. As the audience, we all know that the box contains the body of the victim, and Mrs Wilson brought the book, and was about to lift the cover of the box and put the book in. The crime was about to be revealed to the world. At the critical moment, Brandon turned out from the side. , pressed the lid of the box, and told Mrs Wilson that he didn't need to pack it now. The crime was temporarily covered up, but Rupert, who was already suspicious, felt that something was wrong, and he would try to open the box to see what happened.
Rupert was the smart guy in Brandon's mouth, and he decided to leave with David's father first. At this time, another flaw occurred. When he took the hat, he found David's hat. Didn't David show up all night? But if his hat is there, so must the man.
When Rupert came back again, he brought the rope that was the murder weapon. When he came back again, Phillip was on the brink of collapse, and Brandon had a pistol in his pocket, his hands in his pockets. Rupert diligently looked for the cigarette case and asked for a glass of wine, testing his patience and slowly pushing himself into danger. He deduced that Brandon was dragging a gun in his pocket, and said that, Brandon had to shyly pull the gun out before the truth was revealed. At this time, Rupert immediately took out the rope, depicting the murder of Brandon and Phillip, when the truth was revealed little by little, Phillip was completely broken, Rupert suddenly rushed to the box, opened it, and saw the result of the crime he suspected, although I have been in doubt, but I am still shocked by the fact.
Next is Brandon's statement about the theory of perfect homicide. This theory was proposed by Rupert during the party, and he is also a supporter of this theory. Brandon heard about this theory from him many years ago, and began to believe in it. Today Implementation is complete. Rupert probably never expected to implement his theory in the past, much less the results. It was too late to regret, he was not only shocked by the fact of Brandon's murder, but also by his own arrogance and ignorance, and finally realized that this was contempt for human beings. Exhausted.
Finally, he opened the window and fired three shots into the sky, waiting for the police to arrive.

From the quality point of view, this film has a maximum of 4 stars. It is not a perfect film, but I have to admire how a film of less than 80 minutes can be operated so smoothly. Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs. 1 point for director skill. The whole film's discussion of "perfect murder" is easy to think that the director also has a certain hobby for it. Fortunately, he can express it in a movie.

There is a passage about Phillip's "chicken strangulation" in the PS film, which is said to have the meaning of male masturbation in Western idioms, so it is speculated that Brandon, Phillip and David are in a homosexual relationship. At the time of the film's release, homosexuality was still a taboo in Hollywood, and Hitchcock used a very subtle way of saying it.

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  • Amelia 2021-11-13 08:01:22

    Bold experimentation. After approaching indoors, four hard cuts and five borrowings. The space scheduling is super strong. The lines and mirror movement are very clever, but the resulting flaws and flaws can also be regarded as seeking benevolence and benevolence; homosexual subtext It's really flavorful.

  • Agustina 2021-11-13 08:01:22

    It's a pity that the pig-like teammate, yelling, hysterical, and panicking, reduced the film's technical content in reasoning as a whole, and also reduced the "art content of murder". Wouldn't it be more worth seeing if it were two brilliant and easy-going murderers against a perceptive cracker?

Rope quotes

  • Rupert Cadell: Brandon's spoken of you.

    Janet: Did he do me justice?

    Rupert Cadell: Do you deserve justice?

  • Brandon: The good Americans usually die young on the battlefield, don't they? Well, the Davids of this world merely occupy space, which is why he was the perfect victim for the perfect murder. Course he, uh, he was a Harvard undergraduate. That might make it justifiable homicide.