The mirror movement is awesome, the story is a bit boring

Madeline 2022-04-21 09:01:44

Hitchcock's use of lenses has always been something I've been amazed at, unexpected, and taken to heart. This film is more like a test piece for Lao Xi. The whole play was completed in one house, with few editing, basically relying on the movement of the actors and the drafting of the shots in advance. There's really no directorial feeling to do that now. In this kind of shot, the person who was strangled by the rope at the beginning seemed to be participating in the filming, which made the audience feel anxious all the time.
But the story is boring, and the lines are humorous, but I don't like this kind of British chatter.
Murder is also an art, and the story should be about human rank and dignity. To be honest, I only noticed the director's shot.

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