The legendary mirror in the end. . .

Lilla 2022-04-21 09:01:44

I was thinking, what about the film? What if the performance goes wrong?
The director didn't complete one shot. There are 10 breakpoints in the whole film:
[2:30] 12:05 [19:55] 27:15 [34:25] 44:20 [51:50] 59:45 [1:09:50] 1:14:30
Among them, the [] is the real cut shot, and the one without [] is to make the shot continue through the occlusion of the object.
The tangent point at 2:30 is also just the title, and then we turn to the main topic.
This film is also just an experiment in film history. If you really do a mirror to the end, who will see it? Who should watch? How much box office can an ordinary film use as a gimmick with one shot? These are issues that cannot be ignored.
Compared with this, "Russian Ark" is said to have overcome the technical difficulties (film), using a digital camera, recording the content of the film with a hard disk, and having the longest footage in history, when the time comes to take a look at the real content.

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